Friday, November 26, 2021

Good morning

This morning I had cappuccino at the coffee bar near my house. After the waitress had prepared the cappuccino, she wrote "good morning" ("buon giorno" in Italian language) on top of it.  There was a small Italian flag painted on the cup handle.  I thought people who love their job are always kind. One week ago she made another decoretion while she was making cappuccino and coffee cups.

The picture below shows a mural that I saw while I was walking along an alley in the older part of the town. It's easy to see it was painted recently, as the woman in the mural wears a masks :-)

With regards to the mask just above mentioned (and social distancing rules), I am sorry to hear that while many people inoculated with both doses are reporting symptoms of Covid-19, scientists in South Africa have just warned of a new strain of Covid-19 ... Just in time for 2022. EU and UK say they have restricted travels from the South African region to their countries. On the one hand, the effects on the economy of the new detected variant may be devastating, because of its multiple mutations. On the other hand, today "Moderna Inc." share price is rising by 22.45% ... 😦
God Bless the South African people. 


Tom said...

...the worldwide response to the pandemic has been a mess!

OLga said...

buon pomeriggio!

SzgnBsl said...

The friend who prepares the coffee must be an artist :) Also, it's sad to hear about a new type of c-corona.. The number of cases and deaths has already started to increase. God help us. But first, of course, people should act consciously. Happy weekend:)

Lowcarb team member said...

The cappuccino looks so welcoming doesn't it.

Covid, will all of its variants is not going away!
Take care, stay safe and well and enjoy your weekend.

All the best Jan

ashok said...

The new strain is really threatening. Hope its not as bad as we hear on news.

Giorgio said...

To Tom, Jan, Ashok, and SzgnBsl:

Africa continent is only 6% vaccinated and, according to local media, Covid-19 has pratically disappeared. That's why I can't understand how the South African variant originated there. In addition, some weeks ago the Omicron variant was already found in other countries, such as Indonesia and Philippines. But when it was detected in South Africa, early this week, many journalists, who as it is known can be considered Big Pharma's puppets, blamed unvaccinated people. In addition to this, as we have already seen, after fully vaccinated people got infected, they blamed unvaccinated people, once again 🤨🤨🤨 ... maybe vaccine doesn't work as it should, but Big Pharma multinational companies don't say that.
Anyway, on the 26 of November, while the Indian government & local policy-makers were distributing their population Covid-care-kit for free, MODERNA INC. stocks rose by more than 20% at the Nasdaq 🤨

DVArtist said...

First the girl that makes your coffee is an artist. What a lovely way to start your day.
I love how you explain the covid mess. Thank you.

Giorgio said...

To Nicole:

When you visit Italy, the girl will be honoured to serve you artistic cappuccino and coffee that have a design on milk cream surface :-)

Thank you for appreciation about my thoughts on the COVID-19 mess.
They (journalists and other puppets) changed the definition of case. They changed the definition of infection. They changed the definition of herd immunity. They changed the definition of vaccine. And they wonder why so many people are suspicious that something odd is going on.
Unfortunately, there's something I don't understand.

Have a nice week, Nicole! :-)

Veronica Lee said...

A lovely way to start your day, Giorgio.

Just when we thought that the light of the end of the tunnel was showing.

Looks like we're going through a never ending tunnel.

Giorgio said...

To Veronica:

We've already had COVID-19 variants from the UK, Brazil and South Africa ... it seems people are ready for the next one. The only thing multinationals companies (and policy-makers, who are their puppets) need to turn people into slaves is fear.

R's Rue said...

Good morning my friend. Hope you stay well.

Ivana Split said...

How nice to have someone put in special effort when preparing coffee. Those two cups of cappuccinos are so lovely.
The whole Covid-19 thing is depressing and hard to make sense of.

J.P. Alexander said...

Se ve muy rico el café y lo del covid parece u circulo vicioso que a este paso no se acaba en un buen tiempo. Te mando un beso