Sunday, October 30, 2011


Since October, 10th, I have been working in Ostia, 80 km South from my town. That's a small town, situated next to Rome, where I ran a 30 km race four weeks ago. I enjoyed that long run race around Ostia  because the running track was really beautiful and the weather was sunny.  But visiting the same place for job is very different: in Autumn the town is humid and every morning the smell of the thyrrenian Sea is swallowed by a thick fog (as you can see in the first two photos).  

The 3rd photo below shows the tired faces of the two black knights while they were crossing the finish line of the Ostia' 30 km race, on October, 9th.
On November, Sunday, 13rd, the Fiumicino's half marathon starts and I haven't sent the registration yet. I'll decide next week!
Nice running!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Ostia's 30 km race

I would have never thought I could run a 30 km race without a specific training. This morning I did It! Two weeks ago  I ran teh Grosseto's  half-marathon and  last Sunday I ran 21 km again as training. I'm very happy because it was the first time that I ran a 30 km race.  This race is in the middle between a half marathon and a  marathon.
This morning more than 1,200 people ran the Ostia's 30 km race was well organised: beautiful   track and a lot of refreshment points. This time the loot wasn't heavy enough :)  ... an orange running shirt only!
We ran  the first 5 km along the river  and next to  green fieds and pinewood. From the 5th to the 8th km we ran next to the beautifully preserved roman ruins of Ostia. Wonderful! After we had run next to naval factories situated on the  Tiber river we ran along the Tyrrhenian sea from the 11st to the 19th km. The wind was strong enough and we ran against it!
Finally we ran through the  Castel Fusano Park, which  is characterised by a typical mediterranea coastal environment. The landscape showed me the colours of Autumn and I enjoyed them while I was running.
During the race Stefano  helped me to maintain the average pace and our goal was under 3 hours. I was delighted with my time taken: 2 hours, 52 minutes and 47 seconds.
I have never run a marathon but now I've just run a 30 km race :)
I hope all you blogger friends will have a nice weekend!