Saturday, July 13, 2013

Moray eel

This morning I noticed that my blood cholesterol level decreased from 254 to 230 mg/dl: since May it has decreased by 10% and I'm so happy for that and I will try to eat healthy food again. First of all, seafoods, considering that Civitavecchia, the town where I have been living since 1991, is situated close to the see and I can always buy good fish. Local market offers seafood that have been harvested in the past 12 hours and can contain more iron, phosphorus, proteins, and vitamin D than fishes that are shipped from far away.  With regards to local fishermans, the picture above shows a muray eel. I saw that it in the local market and despite its snake-like appearance, moray eel is a fish and not a reptile. Of course, it is edible: the meat is very soft and white, delicious. Someone says that deep fry works better but I don't think so ... I've decided to avoid fried food. Have you never eaten that fish?

Just two picture, here on the left,  to show you a particular motorcycle (maybe,  its right definiton is "sidecar"). 
It was in my neighborhood this morning and came from Poland, as  shown by its registration number.  We, bloggers,  are sometimes  looking for new  images  for our blogs. 
Running sessions are going well although I'm running no more than three times a week at the moment. 
On the vacation front, I will be on holiday since July 25: the main destinations are Gaeta and Bologna (North Italy).  I really need some time off work to be spent doing whatever I want.

Happy vacation time to everyone!