Sunday, November 28, 2010

Running socks

We (my wife and I) are trying to wear this kind of shoes. I'm sure that my blogger friends who live overseas know this kind of shoes which  are designed for many purposes, such as walking, working, shopping. Moreover,  they might help our muscles. They are designed to strengthen the back, improve posture and reduce stress on knee and ankle joints. The frst time we could wear them 1 hour, the day after two hours and so on.

I'd like to show you these running socks which wick sweat away from our body and keep you cool, dry and confortable. That kind of running clothes aren't imported from China, Thailand and Indonesia :) They are entirely made in Italy! You can see these "Italian" running socks in the second photo (on the right).

Of course, running socks such as Nike and Asics are good too.
A lot of running socks which are made in China hit the shelves in U.S. and Western Europe. You can be sure that there is a big difference in quality and they are as expensive as American and European running socks.
Nice week to all blogger friends!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Short running post

I'd like to show you that image below although I know that Eastern Canada and Northern region of the United States are famous around the world for the brilliance of their "fall foliage". Last week I took it while I was travelling by helicopter. From right to left, you can see different fall colours of Central Italy (I'd suggest you to click to enlarge the photo below).
After I had run a nice tempo run (last Wednesday), time taken 45 min. and average pace of 4,35 min./km. I ran this afternoon with the group. We met at 06:00 p.m. and the weather was good. We did 1 hour and 5 minutes relaxed run.
Thanks to the blogger friends who sent me wishes for sunny weather :) I needed that kind of wishes after two rainy weeks :)
A beautiful running weekend to all blogger friends

Monday, November 08, 2010


This week the weather will be rainy here in Italy and I'm afraid I can't run.
Normally, runners don't begin the training while it is raining :)
This afternoon I ran 55 minutes. At the beginning I ran against the wind and then I ran the last 20 minutes in the rain. After I had done the training it rained again and I saw a rainbow through the clouds.
I was at home when I took the photo above posted.

Congrats to Meg  who ran a the NYC Marathon. She said that a lot of Italian runners did that experience. Four people from my town ran the NYC Marathon yesterday and they are coming back in Italy tomorrow.

I hope that all you blogger friends will have a nice training ... and a sunny weather :)

Monday, November 01, 2010

Märklin model railways

Last week I was busy again between family and job, so I couldn't increase my training. Morever, I'm sure I got weight while I was working in Southern Italy, at least 1.5 kg. Although the weather wasn't perferct this afternoon I did 50 minutes relaxed run in the rain.

Now the weather is rainy again and I stay at home. So I've decided to clean our model railways. Five years ago my son and I played with this German technical toys and in the photos posted you can see our Märklin model railways. In some parts of Germany,  Märklin is almost synonymous with model railroads. In 2009 the famous German company celebrated its 150th anniversary.              

The Märklin system is the technique of using a third rail concealed in the roadbed with only small studs  protruding through the ties of the track.  The 2nd photo shows these studs (click to enlarge). I'd like to make a small village along the railways, with tipical German buildings. If I'll make it I show the photos on this blog.
This week the weather will be rainy again and I'm afraid I can't run. But we aren't running races this month.
I hope that all you blogger friends will have a nice and happy running!