Sunday, March 19, 2023

Saint Joseph's Day

On this sunny Sunday we, Westerners, celebrate Saint Joseph's Day. Always held on March 19th, the feast honors Joseph, husband to the virgin Mary.

According to the tradition, the cakes in the picture above are typical of Saint Joseph's Day. Custard cake filling is made with egges, milk, vanilla, lemon and sugar.

Meanwhile, the same seagull that I mentioned in my previous post, is still on  cars' rooftops. This time the seagull hasn't chosen my car :-) 

Have a nice Saint Joseph's feast!

Monday, March 13, 2023

Cloudy week


On this cloudy Monday fishermen's boats are all stalled because of rough sea. It seems the new week will be still cloudy. As a result, many Italian fishermen are working on the ground. They are repairing their fishing nets at the fishing port.

After I had taken a few pictures while I was walking close to the fishing port, I noticed that a seagull was on the roof of my car. I could see that the seagull was well fed, although it was still looking for food :-)  ... those creatures sometimes are close to the fishing port, as they have the opportuny to eat fishes that can't be delivered to the market.

With regards to fish dishes, I have heard that eating fish could help people who had lost interest in activities. According to some studies, people who eat fish regularly are much less likely to become depressed.

Have a nice week!

Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Cloudy Wednesday

The 2nd week of March is cloudy. According to metereologits the coming days will be rainy. Today in the early morning, on this cloudy Wednesday, I walked 45 minutes at a fast pace, although the weather conditions. While I was walking I noticed that the statue of the American sailor and the girl (picture above on the left) has nothing to do with Italy ... I don't agree with the Mayor's choice. 

The sky was also cloudy yesterday at night. This image is the view out of my window at night.

The owner of this XXVII century old building (picture below), which is located in the historical center of Civitavecchia, offers reneved air-conditionig rooms with private bathrooms, free WiFi and Kitchenette with fridge. It's perfect for both long stays or quick visits.  

Tourists can discover this architectural gem, which was built on the ruins of a castle.

Have a nice Wednesday!