Sunday, January 17, 2010

Running and biking off-road

I began to run three weeks after I had had a bronchial flu. I slowly ran 50 minutes yesterday around the town while the weather wasn't rainy or cloudy and this morning I rode my bicycle across the hills. So I'll try to run next week and sometimes I'll likely go swimming or ride a bicycle.
Running and riding a bicycle off-road, often over rough terrain, through mediterranean woods, country roads or natural parks offer us enormous environmental opportunity. We can discover a lot of sites which are "significant" from a landscape point of view. If we run or rode a bicycle around historic centres we can see monuments and sites which are considered "non-traditional tourist attractions" of the old town.
Although I've lost my running speed it's important I've begun to run. I didn't run quickly yesterday but I understood that I hadn't lost the strenght.