Sunday, October 10, 2021

I took just two pictures

During the 1st week of October the weather was not on our side in Italy. Today at least it is a sunny Sunday ... after a rainy and wet week. The two pictures below shows the cloudy sky I saw on Thursday, 6th October  ...  the gateway to a modern designed harbour for pleasure boats, with its achitectures of historical works (1st pic), and an old Italian car built in the early 1970s (2nd pic): congrats to the owner, as it looks new 🚗

On the vaccine front, protests against Italy's Covid certificate grew violent yesterday, while thousands of people took to the street of the Italian Capital. As it is known, Italy's government issued a law requiring COVID-19 vaccine or negative testes for workers to enter their offices and workplaces.

Meanwhile, Supreme Courts in many countries have already ruled agaist using vaccine passport to restrics access to the workplaces.
In accordance with the principles of the Italian constitution, we see what the Italian government will be able to do. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Parthenope (Naples)

On the small island of Megaride there is the oldest standing fortification in Naples (picture above). During the 8th century BC Greek colonists founded on the island of Megaride, which is now a peninsula, the first nucleus of the city of Naples (South Italy). They named the settlement Parthenope, after the siren in Greek mythology. 
The seagull in the picture below is enjoying the gulf of Naples and its volcano. 

Since Friday 24 September I have been in Naples, as my mother and my two sisters live there with their families. I noticed that many people, who live in Naples, wear a mask outdoors. After a while I learnt that Naples mayor ordered to continue to wear masks and observe social distancing rules everywhere. He is afraid the virus may be still dangerous, although more than 60% of people who live in Naples are fully vaccinated.

The picture below shows an old local market in Naples, where I bought Italian walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts ... unfortunately, grocery and supermarket clerks in Rome and surroundings (where I live) sell walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts that are almost exclusively shipped from great distance, such as Argentina, Australia, Chile, South Africa,  US (California), Turkey, etc. 

I think eating local food is better for us, for the environment, and for our taste buds.

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Still in Rome

On Thursday, September 16th, I went to Rome for job. I was so glad to see many tourists walking through the main streets of the town and visiting the most important landmarks in Rome. In September weather is never too hot and never too cold. That's the main reason why they decided to visit Rome in late summer. The problem is that visitors have to show their COVID-19 digital certificates before entering department stores, shops, restaurants, cafes and other indoor venues.
Many Italians believe that the introduction of the COVID-19 digital certificates is an infringement of some constitutional rights and freedoms. It seems that policy makers haven't implemented EU regulations correctly. EU provisions related to the COVID-19 digital certificate ("Green pass", that's its name in Italy), which have been incorporated into the Italian legislation, may allow cafes and restaurants' owners to discriminate against those who don't wish to receive the vaccine. Unfortunately, they will have no choice but observe the COVID-19 certificate rules. It has to be said that in many UE countries this is not the case, although the EU Regulation about the COVID-19 digital certificate is the same
Anyway, I think that people still have to wear a mask indoors and observe social distance rules, even if people have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

After I had finished work, I enjoyed walking along the main streets of Rome.

Nice weekend to all of you 🍇 ☀️ 🌺

Saturday, September 04, 2021

Sunny Sunday on September 5th


Water is still fantastic on Sunday, September 5th. Today the sea is warm and temperate along the Thyrrenian coast, with translucent water, and almost no waves. It's perfect for snorkeling (Santa Marinella, Italy).

The school ship "Amerigo Vespucci" has just left Civitavecchia harbour. The ship was named after the name of the explorer Amerigo Vespucci, and usually carries 24 sails, for a total surface of 2.600 square metres.

Have a nice Sunday ☀️

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Six random pictures about summer holidays in Italy

As request by some blogging friends I put six random photos from Italy. I am glad to hear they enjoyed seeing summer holidays in Italy through my blog. 

This summer many tourists went to see the typical limestone dwellings with their conical roofs (Alberobello, Italy). My daughter, who is still there on holiday,  sent me the picture below.

I took a picture of  Civitavecchia harbour from the table of the restaurant where I had dinner yesterday (The cruise ship in the picture below hasn't been sailing since the epidemic began in early 2020). 

 A liberty style old house with its exterior decoration for sale (Santa Marinella,   Italy).             

Riva di Traiano is a modern marina with its architectures of historical works (Civitavecchia, Italy).

People enjoy the beach on Sunday, August 22nd (Santa Marinella, Italy),

and last but not least, three pink hibiscus flowers, which I saw while I was walking along the Civitavecchia's pedestrian area (I have seen many bloggers who publish pictures of white and blue hibiscus).

Have a nice week ⛵☀️🍸

Sunday, August 15, 2021

August 15th, Public holiday in Italy

August 15th is the day when Chatolics celebrate the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. It seems the day was also a holiday in Roman times, as it was intended to be the beginning of a weekend of rest after months of hard labour. Nowadays, August 15th still marks the start of the Summer break for many Italians, who usually escape the heat at seaside, lakes or mountains.

The picture above shows the Sorgeto bay, which is the location of a true outdoor thermal park. Sorgeto bay is situated on the island of Ischia, which is the largest of the phlegrean islands (30 kilometres East of Naples). My daughter, who went there last week, sent me the picture.

The pictures below show three houses for sale in Santa Marinella, a municipality located about 60 kilometres Northwest of Rome, which includes beach resorts and a medieval castle. The three houses are located close to the sea. They were built more than 100 years ago.

And still in Santa Marinella there's the beach that I'm enjoying on August 15th

The bad news is that we (Italians) don't know who is setting our hills and forests on fire ... during the night and without a cop to bother him/her. I took a picture of a burning hill when I went to Itri, a small town in Central Italy. 

My two daughters, my nephew and I enjoyed a challenging trekking in the hills two days before the burning.

Along the path there were many signs indicating the ways to the various sites. 
We didn't wear a mask while we were walking up-hill.

At the moment, 57.1% Italian people have got the vaccine.

Monday, August 09, 2021

5 pictures of a Nordic island

Yesterday my son sent me some pictures which he had took in Iceland. At the moment my son is still there. He says the month of August is ideal for enjoying holiday in that Nordic island country situated in the North Atlantic Ocean.

After I had seen the pictures, I realised that Iceland offers its guests unique experiences and a very active holiday. 

Have a nice week!