Sunday, February 27, 2011

16 km long run

Last week I didn't run from Thursday to Saturday because I went to Frosinone, where I followed the conference about liability for environmental damages. So, today on a cold and sunny Sunday, I did 16 km long run.
This morning thousands of runners (over 8,000 participants) ran the Roma-Ostia Half Marathon which is the historic race  from modern Rome to the shores of the Roman Empire’s ancient port. The Black Knight ran that half marathon and enjoyed it. After he had run the race he sent me a text message, so I know that he did a great race. I look forward to reading his race report.
As request by  Ewa, I write something about the environmental conference above mentioned. The aim of the European Directives has been to create a code able to contain a complete discipline for the protection of the environment. The code contains specific provisions regarding activities for the environment and special provisions about the environmental liability in case of soil and water contamination.
In a global perspective, there's a great uncertainty regarding the international legal framework for the period following the expiration of the Kyoto Protocol, that could discourage investment in emission reduction projects.  

The photo shows a polluted river situated 50 km North of Rome, next to an industrial area. It's an environmental crime. I took that photo two years ago and after the legal protection and the punishment the river became clean.

  I hope all you will enjoy the rest of this Sunday.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two days away from running this week

Hello blogger friends! I didn't post last week because I was busy. But I've followed your blogs and all the bad news about the earthquake in New Zealand. I hope that  Char who lives in that area will feel better soon (I've just red her post). Moreover, The crisis in Libya seems to be getting further out of control.

This afternoon I was delighted with my run: 10 km at an average pace of 5.10 min./km. I'm happy, it's a good tempo run considering that we ran the main part of the track against the cold wind. At 6:35 p.m.  while we were running on the way back we met the  Black Knight . He didn't mind running against the cold wind  :)
Yesterday rest and on Monday, 21th,  I did a 45 min. relaxing run. Moreover, last Sunday, on a sunny morning,  I ran with the group:  20 min. warm-up and  6 x 10 min. repeats  with 2 min. recovery. I was really pleased with this workout!
Unfortunately I'll be two days away from running this week (on Friday and Saturday) because I'm going to follow a convention  which will be held in Frosinone (100 km South of Rome). It's a convention about the obligations to eliminate environmental damages and water pollution hazards. The speakers will  show the legal framework of environmental protection in Europe in a global perspective.
As a consequence, I've plan to run  tomorrow and next Sunday.
The photo above was taken on January, 16th, while I was running the Ostia's 14 km race.
I hope all you blogger friends will have a nice training..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The importance of hydratation

I'm trying to run four times a week, although I am not running a race this month. Moreover, once a week I'll go swimming or have a thermal bath (spa). The aim is to improve my speed slightly. Yesterday  I ran 1 hour with the group (relaxing run). The town where I live is bounded in the west by the hills and last Sunday I went to run  through those surrondings. The weather was sunny and beautiful here in Italy and ran 1 hour and 25 minutes through the typical vegetation of Mediterranean shrub hazel trees. while I was running fast on the way back I met Paola ( ) who is the new Proud member of the Black Knight Army  :) She was running with her girlfriends.
You can see the running path in the image below. The weather wasn't cold and I thought the importance of hydratation when I'm running. I always make an effort to maintain hydratation while running.
I hope all you blogger friends will have a nice training!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Different reasons for having a blog

On January, 28th, an interesting survey was held by Christina , from Phoenix, Arizona. "Why do you have a runnning blog?". That was her question. Most bloggers answered that they love sharing their thoughts and staying motivated. Blogging helps them and runners have different reasons for having a blog. Although I'm not a facebooker, I think that our blogger community is a great way to communicate and the social aspect of it is really cool.

The photo above shows the Ostia's 14 km race which I ran on January, 16th, on a sunny and beautiful Sunday. That photo was taken while I was running the 2nd km. and the Black Knight found the image through the web. Thanks for that Stefano!
After I had run the race I took the photo which you can see below. It shows  the refreshments which was held after the race. Good organization: we had  a lot of food and drinks such as fruits, pastry, cakes, sandwiches, orange juice and tea.


In the meanwhile, near my country, the Tunisian contagion catches on and violent protests sweep through Egypt and Yemen. Authoritarian regimes in the Mediterranean area are facing unexpected challenges that could rearrange the political landscape in the Arab world. 

This month I'm busy for job and I can't run four times a week. it's a real pity that I'm not running a race this month although I'm trying to maintain the training.

I hope all you will have a nice Sunday!