Sunday, July 15, 2012

International running flag of friendship

On Saturday, July, 14th, The "International Running Flag of Friendship" was here, in Santa Marinella, Italy, about 60 km North from Rome. Yesterday I ran the Santa Marinella's 10 km race with the Italian flag (You can see it on my blue running shirt, above the number 260) and crossed the finish line after 46 minutes and 6 seconds. After I had run that tough race I was honoured to put the Italian flag on the "International running flag of friendship", which will  be quickly sent  to U.S.A.  The International flag, which  was created thanks to Johann's stroke of genius, is now considered as  a symbol of our great blogger community. As soon as possible I'll send the International Running Flag to Christina from Phoenix, Arizona.  

Nice week to all my blogger friends!  

Monday, July 02, 2012

10km race on July, 1st ... which started at 09:30 am!

Yesterday I realised that during the Summer I can only run races in the evening. On a hot and sunny Sunday a 10km race took place in my town. Unfortunately the race started at 09:30 am and along the track there wasn't any tree: it was terrible! As you can see in the second photo below, the whole track was undulating.  Lesson learned!

Moreover, after the race there wasn't any loot :(  
On the other hand, I have to say that volunteers did a good job and along the running track, which surrounded the industrial area of the town, there were three refreshment point.
And what about the time taken? I reached my goal and ran under 4:30 min./km!

I was so sorry to see that Spain football team won the Euro 2012 final against Italy.
The score was 4 - 0 and it all felt somewhat unfair considering that Italy played almost the last half-hour with 10 players. Italian football team may not have won this tournament but pride has returned.
Nice week to all my blogger friends!