Friday, November 26, 2021

Good morning

This morning I had cappuccino at the coffee bar near my house. After the waitress had prepared the cappuccino, she wrote "good morning" ("buon giorno" in Italian language) on top of it.  There was a small Italian flag painted on the cup handle.  I thought people who love their job are always kind. One week ago she made another decoretion while she was making cappuccino and coffee cups.

The picture below shows a mural that I saw while I was walking along an alley in the older part of the town. It's easy to see it was painted recently, as the woman in the mural wears a masks :-)

With regards to the mask just above mentioned (and social distancing rules), I am sorry to hear that while many people inoculated with both doses are reporting symptoms of Covid-19, scientists in South Africa have just warned of a new strain of Covid-19 ... Just in time for 2022. EU and UK say they have restricted travels from the South African region to their countries. On the one hand, the effects on the economy of the new detected variant may be devastating, because of its multiple mutations. On the other hand, today "Moderna Inc." share price is rising by 22.45% ... 😦
God Bless the South African people. 

Saturday, November 20, 2021

The old town of Tolfa

On 7th of May I already wrote (and published) a short post about Tolfa, which is a small town located in the hills not far from Rome. Yesterday I went there once again for job. This journey gave me the opportunity to enjoy the old side of Tolfa and its characteristic stone houses.

The first picture above shows the hills surrounding the small town of Tolfa completely covered with oak trees. That's why many houses have fireplaces and wood heating systems, which reduce emission from fossil fuels. 

While I was walking through Tolfa's old narrow alleys, I noticed that each house had its typical wooden door.

I really had a great time there, as I didn't hear any car noise. 
Have a nice weekend!

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Mid Autumn

 Just a pictures taken this morning on a sunny Saturday in mid Autumn.

The name of the tourist facility showed above is "Riva di Traiano". It's a port located in Civitavecchia (70 Km North from Rome), which is home to many cultural and sporting events that attact sailors from over Italy. Inside the port are numerous shops, coffees, restaurants, sailing clubs and leisure facilities in addition to parking for both users and visitors.

On Tuesday, 9th of November, I went to Rome for job. After I had finished the task, I walked through the oldest part of the Italian capital. 

While I was walking through the narrow streets of the most lively area of Rome, I discovered typical restaurants, cafès, art galleries and specialized shop.

Have a nice weekend!

Monday, November 01, 2021

In the hills on October, 31st

A few images taken on October 31st in the hills (Itri, 90 km South from Rome). This time there weren't many olives in my mother's garden. So we couldn't make olive oil. 


We also enjoyed chestnuts cooked in the fireplace.

Lemon flowers were blooming and the surrounding vineyards began to change their colours.

I hope you will have a nice week!