Sunday, October 24, 2010

Southern Italy, Itri

Yesterday morning  I came back from South Italy where I spent one week  for job. Unfortunately I ran once only because during last week life has been crazy busy. On Wednesday, the 20th of October  I tryed to run 45 minutes through olive trees. The landscape was beautiful although the weather was cloudy.
I arrived back home Saturday evening and I was tired. Of course, this morning I didn't  run the Grosseto's 12 km  race and I look forward to reading Stefano's report. I'm sure that the Black Knight's flag is waving  on the rooftops of the conquered town.. 

As request by Ewa, I show some photos of Southern Italy where I went for job last week. The photo on the right shows the last raisin of this season  that I saw while I was running next to wonderful wineyards. In the third photo below you can see the hills surronding a small town in Southern Italy. Its name is Itri. That old small town is situated at 170 m. above sea level and its population is a little more than 10,000.
In the same  photo above mentioned  you can see the limestone composition of the hills, which is cause of the absence of  trees and watercourses. It's a territory of a great naturalistic interest which has recently been incorporated into a National Park.

Cheers to you all blogger friends!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Sunday

I didn't run a race this weekend. On this cloudy Sunday I ran 16 km (long run) with the group along the North side of the town and through a fall countryside. That long run went well although we ran the last 5 km against a strong wind.

Next week I won't write a post because I'm going to South Italy for work. But I'll try to follow the running challenges of our blogger community. 

Nice running and biking to all blogger fiends!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tough race

On a cloudy Sunday we ran the Montalto's race along an odd and tough track of 9.6 km. My time taken was 41:17 minutes and I was really delighted with my average pace of 4:18 min./Km, considering the hilly route. The town of Montalto and its old castle are situated on the hill, of consequence the running path is always tough. Stefano ran a good race and his average pace was 4.46 min./Km. You can read the Black Knight's report. He didn't destroy the biggest tower of the Montalto's castle which you can see in the photo below :)  

As request by Char from Brisbane, Australia, I show the loot here below.

Nice week to everyone!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bacon spaghetti

Four months ago some blogger friends suggested writing Italian recipes related to the prerace dinner and I'm sure that they like making recipes healthier, not making complicated dishes. As you know, the night before the race we need energy. Of course, we have to find a recipe that provides plenty of carbs without too much fat or protein.  Next Sunday I'm running a 10 km race and the night before the race I'll have a  simple pasta dish. It's "Bacon Spaghetti". At first, you need "garlic oil". To make it, heat olive oil over medium heat and add garlic (finely sliced). Remove from stove and let infuse for one hour, then discard the garlic. Cook pasta  (8 ounces spaghetti) according to package directions. In a separate pan, fry the bacon (4 ounces finely diced bacon) in two tablespoons "garlic oil" until cooked (about 3 to 4 minutes). Drain pasta and add to the bacon. Garnish with parsley. There are 2 portions.
This is an interesting week considering our running and blogging community. Johann from Johannesburg, South Africa, will be back to 100% normal by the end of the week. The 3rd of October he wrote kind words on his blog about our blogger community. Last Sunday Julie from Minnesota, United States, ran a great Twins Cities marathon. It was her fist marathon:  final time 4:09:45. Congrats again Julie! And then there's martin briars from Mont Saint Aignan, France, who is running the Barcelona Triathlon. Good luck Martin!
A special good luck to Char  from Brisbane, Australia, who is running a marathon this weekend!
I'm running a 10 km race  next Sunday.
Nice running to everyone!