Saturday, April 30, 2022

Island of Ischia's thermal waters

Yesterday I came back from the Island of Ischia. The weather was never too hot and never too cold, so I went walking and running through the island every day. The picture below was taken at 06:00 a.m. while I was running slowly close to the water. 

I also enjoyed saltwater pool, freschwater pool, Turkish baths and sauna. Many German people were enjoying there the beneficial properties of Ischia's thermal waters, modified and enriched in the earth's wonderful underground laboratory. For decades rain seeps deep into the soil,  flowing through fissures  of  vulcanic  rocks, until they form aquifers inside layers of soil.  Here,  the water acquires its particular characteristics and high temperature coming in contact with magmatic bodies that lie in the heart of the isle.

In the alleys of the historical centers of Ischia it's possible to find old small buildings with their typical mediterranean architercture. Like many other placea around the world, Ischia's Mayor is letting restaurants and coffees set up tables in streets and alleys to easy virus restrictions.

Olives are still too small. They will be ready in six months. 

The bad thing is about the public lines. I was sorry to see an American girl who was fined by police officers: although she had a ticket it wasn't stamped! Maybe the girl forgot to stamp her ticket or she didn't know she have to stamp the ticket. The problem also was that the driver didn't say anything during the journey, although he noticed the girl didn't know the rule. In addition, the men who sold her the ticket didn't say anything about the fact that the ticket stamp machine was on the bus.

Tomorrow, 1st of May, occurs the International workers' day. 
Have a nice weekend! 

Friday, April 22, 2022

Walking through Tolfa, on a rainy morning

Today, on a rainy Friday, I went to the small town of Tolfa, which is located in the hills (70 km North from Rome). I went there with a friend of mine, as he was looking for a small house there in Tolfa. He would like to run a "Room & Breakfast" accomodation for tourists there in the village of Tolfa.

Paving with cobblestones allows a road to be heavily used, as it prevents the build-up of ruts often found in dirt roads.

That's the entrance of the small house for sale ("vende" in Italian language). 

We have noticed that many tourists, mainly from Norther Europe, enjoy visiting that old village and its alleys all year long. Many of them from Norway have also bought same of those typical old houses.

Small white fig fruits are already on the trees ... I hope Spring's rain will not destroy them

Happy weekend to all the blogging community :-)

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Tourists back to Italy


Yesterday I was glad while I was walking through Rome's streets and squares, as I saw many tourists coming back to Italy once again. Despite the war in East Europe and the pandemic, which is going to an end (I hope so), tourists are already here in order to enjoy Italy and its art, its architecture, its cookery and wine. I also enjoyed a dinner togheter followed by a walking tour: night lights make Coliseum one of the most spectacular Rome's landmark.  

I had pizza at dinner in Rome. Never seen before such a large pizza: it was larger than its white ceramic plate :-) 

The bad news is that the more tourists the more air pollution, due to the fact that they mainly travel by cruise ship. 

Meanwhile, crude oil and gas' prices still continue to rise in many European countries. Consequently, food, drink and clothes prices are increasing too. For example, the picture below shows that price per Kilogram of broccoli rose to € 2.38 ($ 2.62) this month in Rome and its surroundings. Last year we used to pay those veggies less than € 1.50.

Today it's a cloudy Sunday! ... And it is not possible to organize sailing boat trips.

Have a nice Sunday! 

Friday, April 01, 2022

Banana tree

This morning I had another interesting run. After 20 minutes warm-up I began to increase the speed slightly, and while I was running along the coast I saw some banana trees.  These trees are just decorative and do not bear fruit. 

I know that after the Mayor had planted  those tropical trees three years ago, he was criticised because these trees are very expensive. In addition, they have nothing to do with the Mediterrean area and the 42nd parallel North. Most people who live here say the Mayor should plant Mediterranean shrub and olive trees on the urban green spaces.

I also saw other (expensive) tropical trees like this one here below. I don't know its name.

The picture below shows the narrowest alley I have ever seen. I saw it yesterday, in Tolfa, a small village located in the hills.

I do hope Russian & Ukrainian talks will make "significant progress" soon.
Have a nice weekend!