Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The mercenary runners

This morning three black knights have gone to conquer Tarquinia, 11.6 kilometres running very angry (like young camels). Everybody knows that the members of the Italian legion have become mercenary runners. of consequence Sir Stefano has led the black runners to catch the loot. he will post the picture ( 3 bottles of white wine, pasta and 4 nice glass cups) and the race report.
I couldn't eat pizza yesterday but after the ordeal I've had a South Italian Easter cake which is well balanced (carbohydrates and proteins). The name is "pastiera" and it holds a lot of Mediterranean tastes: citron, orange, cottage cheese, wheat and vanilla. My sister has cooked the cake last week and she has sent it from Naples. You can see the Easter cake in the image: the Easter day and during the spring we always eat this old traditional cake. It will give fuel for the next battle: we're planning to run in Rome next week.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


My daughter Simona would to post her drawing. You can see it in the image.
Tomorrow there's a race around the town (12 kilometres), so we've decided to eat pizza this evening. A lot of runners like eating pizza. I’ve read on a sporty magazine that runners sometimes eat this international food the night before a race.
Although pizza is a well balanced food, you might cook it with vegetables on top if you don’t want to eat proteins before a race. As a rule Italian pizza has to have some fresh cheese called mozzarella on top. It isn’t easy to cook and the baking is important too: Italian people like cooking pizza in a wood-burning oven.
Now the black knight has carbohydrates: he can fight against the donkey runner. We hope to find it there tomorrow. Stefano Will post the race report.