Sunday, February 19, 2023

Laundry drying

If you were too visit older neighborhoods in the Italy's cities, you would probably see drying laundry and clothes on the building facade in your country. I hope you wouldn't get bored of  laundry drying outside windows. This is typical in Central and South Italy, mainly in the buildings located in the older neighborhoods.

Obviously, you will never see laundry drying outside windows of historical buildings like the image  below :-) :-) :-) LOL ... the historical building in the picture below is located in Rome close to Vatican Square. I took it last week.

Still in Italy, the traditional breakfast here relies heavily on a mix of coffee, milk, and baked cakes. It's also small in size and sweet in taste.

Have a nice Sunday! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Sunny Wednesday


Just three pictures taken this morning, on a sunny Winter Wednesday.

It seems many people like to enjoy their boats in Winter.

And last but not least, yesterday I had a delicious pink and yellow pizza: mozzarella cheese, dried ham and corn. A well balanced pizza in terms of carbs and proteins. And, most importantly, that pizza was made with unrefined flour ... valuable vitamins and minerals had not been removed.

Have a nice Wednesday!