Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Water with apple juice

I had a beautiful time this past weekend: first of all, on Sunday I ran 16 km long run with the group from 08:00 to 09:30 am.  Summer is going to begin and the weather  is hot enough here in Italy. In fact, if we had begin our training one hour before the weather conditions would have been better ... next Sunday we'll meet at 07:00 am.
After the run, I spent all the rest of the that sunny Sunday on the beach, where the water was pleasant. In the evening I enjoyed the football match Denmark vs Germany for the 2012 european championship on TV. On Monday, 18th,  Italy advanced to the quarterfinals after winning the final match aganist Ireland :) Italy will play on Sunday, in Kyiv, against England.
As above mentioned, the hot weather is increasing sharply and it's time to be careful about hydration. Today I've drunk water and apple juice (more water than apple juice), which doesn't contain any sugar. I think it is a simple way to put more water into my body ... of course I have to eat more fruit and vegetables.
After I had done a long run on Sunday, I ran 45 mins relaxing on Monday and today at 06:30 pm I am doing repeats (5 x 4 mins at 04:30 min/km average pace). I'm making the registration for a 10 km race that will be held in my town on July, 1st. Unfortunately, the race starts at 09:30 am and this isn't a good thing, considering the weather conditions ... but how can I avoid  a race in my town?
Happy running to everyone!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Formula Run Cap

This morning, once again, the most challenging part of the track was situated next to the finish line. I would have never thought that the  Formula Run Cap race was tough, considering that we ran through the Southern part of Rome.
Anyway, more than 1500 runners ran that 10 km race which was held in support of  the children's Hospital of Rome (Bambino Gesù, that's its name). The organization was good, The volunteers were all great and really nice, the weather was perfect.
 The photo shows the starting line 1 hour before the race and  behind the starting line you can see the Square Colosseum, which is considered an icon of Fascist architecture.  
Despite the hilly track I enjoyed the race and was delighted enough with my time taken: it was 45:43, although my goal was under 45 minutes (04:30 min./km).
The chart above shows the running track's altimetry

Stefano and I before the race

Runners before the race

Along the track there were two refreshment points, after the race we had yogurt, milk, tea, cakes and water and ... the loot was good too :) It was a nice and good running shirt (see photo below).

          Nice week to all my blogger friends!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Finish line up hill

In my last post  I described the tough race which I ran around the old village of Ceri  on May, 26th. I mentioned the last 400 metres of that hilly track, where some runners walked along that up-hill. The picture below shows that challenging part of the track situated next to the finish line. I was running with the number 22 and, of course, black outfit :) 
Last week I saw in my town an old car with a small house on wheels.
I hope you all will have a nice weekend!