Sunday, March 26, 2006

There weren't victims

Yesterday I ran 1 hour and 45 minutes along a field in the Southern part of the town. While I was running near a farm, I suddenly saw four black donkeys. Unfortunately the donkey runner wasn’t there and There weren't victims.
Now I'm 45 years old. Today is my birthday and I've enjoyed with my family.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Sorry for the expression used about the donkey runner (do you remember last post the abstinence of the young camel? Stefano advised me this expression and it isn't an italian literal expression) but we were very angry: If  Stefano and I met the donkey runner next time we'd humiliate him. Thanks to the clever executioner for his contribution.
This morning I'm going to run on my own (Stefano's going abroad on holiday with his family) and I've chosen the small green hills behind the town. You can see these hills in the image. In this region the tipical country house is small and white and yesterday I and my daughter built a model of a typical italian country house. When I go running I sometimes see farms with these white houses. I show you an image of the house model.