Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monte Amiata

I haven't planned to run any race this month. So I'm trying to maintain my running shape and lose weight and I'm doing a long run, a relaxing run and a tempo run every week. As I wrote in my last post, I've learnt to run on the icy path because this month the weather is snowy. The first photo was taken on Saturday, 11st, while the snow was covering Civitavecchia. That picture shows  the street where I live covered with snow. From 17th to 19th of February I spent some time in the snow: I went with my family with other friends and their children to Monte Amiata, in the southern Tuscany region of Italy. And there was a lot of snow there, as you can see in the photo below.  

The main economical resources of the Amiata region are chestnuts, timber and, increasingly, tourism (ski resorts).

At dinner we ate a wonderful soup of mushrooms (although children didn't like it). I had that soup twice :) Really! The first day the weather was Sunny and children enjoyed skiing and snowboard.

The photo below shows that on Sunday, 19th, the weather was foggy.

On the way back the weather was foggy and there was snow along the street, but it wasn't a problem! 

I didn't run from Friday to Sunday and yesterday I did 10 km on my own at 5:25 min./km. Today I ran 55 minutes slowly.
In the meanwhile, I hope to hear good news about Stefano's knee soon. Last week he was visited by a good doctor here in Civitavecchia.
Happy running to all my blogger friends!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Italy is covered with snow

Italy is covered with snow. Today I took these two  photos while I was in Viterbo for job. In this town (60 km North from Rome)  I saw the rooftops and the roads covered with snow. I have never run on the snow! I 've to try it! 

I hope all you will have nice runs despite of the weather conditions.