Friday, June 21, 2019

An on-going debate: cycling or running

I haven't been running since May 20, as I haven't been trained as I should. After  I had run the Race For the cure in Rome on May 19, I did three training sessions. And I began to feel pain on the left side of my right knee. So my injured knee was visited by the orthpedic technician, who modified my orthotic insoles. As a result, the pain on my right knee disappeared. Unfortunately, one week later, after I had done two running sessions I began to feel pain on my left knee.  This time the  orthpedic technician didn't modifie my orthotic insoles. He only said I needed new running shoes. Why didn't he say that the first time he visited my right knee? Anyway, I had no choice but to buy new running shoes.

Meanwhile I am cycling, as I am still afraid running may injure my knees. Next week I'll try to run 20 minutes only. Since I have had pain on my knees, I have been cycling. This  gives me the opportunity to understand, once again,  how I love running.  
The following picture shows Civitavecchia, the town where I live, work, and  ...  go cycling.

The picture above on the right shows pink geranium's flowers on my balcony. On the left  a traditionally-rigged sailing vessel of the Italian Navy while it was leaving the port of Civitavecchia. I got that picture two weeks ago thanks to a friend of mine who took it while he was sailing with his boat.

The fourth picture here on the left side reminds me the dangerous wet cobblestones along the running path in Rome, where I ran the  2019 "Race For The Cure" on May 19. I took the picture while I was running that race.

... And a deliciuos cake, which we (Stefano and me) had at lunch after we had run  the  2019 Rome's "Race For The Cure" on May 19. 

Have a nice weekend!