Monday, February 28, 2022

Waiting for better news

And finally she (the waitress) wrote in English on the milk surface of the coffee cup :-)

Last week I talked with a dear blogging friend from the UK, Willie. We also mentioned through email a famous Italian sugary cake filled with cheese. Its name is Cassata. My sister, who live in Naples (South Italy), makes that cake at home three or four times a year. It seems it is not a cake for beginners.

Its name derives from the Latin term for cheese, caseus, or from the Arab word qas'at , which means cake pan. The American version of this wonderful cake is also decorated with strawberries, which give some freshness to the sweet cake.

Unfortunately, I have just heard that one of the organizers for the Ottawa Trucker Convoy, Tamara Lich, had been found dead in her cell in Ottawa from an apparent strangulation. Can we say that her death was suspicious? ... considering that Tamara Linch was not suicidal. One year ago an Italian doctor, Giuseppe De Donno, who became famous for having discovered and proposed the cure of hyperimmune plasma to defeat Covid-19, committed suicide by hanging himself in his house. He had criticized the Health Ministry and proposed his own innovative therapy. That's enough, as nowadays it is easy to become a paranoid conspiracy theorist. 

In addition, last week we heard many bad news from East Europe. At the moment Moscow prepare for talks and Ukrainian delegation arrives for negotiations. I hope we will hear good news soon!

Have a nice week!

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Next stage of psychosis


  • This morning the waitress wrote in French languange on top of milk surface. I was so curious to know why she didn't write "good morning" or "buongiorno". She said she was proud of Quebec, the Canadian province where French is the sole official language. She also explained that this month mandatory vaccine requirement for truckers entering Canadian had met strong disapproval in Quebec. The Canadian Prime Minister may decide to invoke a never-before-used emergencies law. 
  • Meanwhile, in my country this week 500 thousand unvaccinated Italian citizens over 50 have been suspended from work and left without salary. The Italian Prime Minister said: "The unvaccinated are not part of our society". That's typical of authoritarianism!
  • In addition, Italian MPs that are over 50 and not triple-vaccinated are no longer allowed into the Parliament. They can't even vote against the decree that established that measure. No similar measure has been taken in the Western world. 
  • Next stage of psychosis: taking children away from parents who refuse to vaccinate them. I think we (Westerners) are so oppressed we believe to be free. 

  • I took a picture yesterday while I was running close to the port. it has nothing to do with an authoritarian system that forces people to sign a piece of paper where it is written in black and white that the government didn't force them to inoculate vaccines. It shows a view of the port of Civitavecchia, 70 kilometers North from Rome. 
  • The last picture shows a "Vespa scooter", an Italian luxury brand  manufactured by Piaggio. Since the late 1940s, after WWII, the Vespa has evolved from a single model motor to a full line of scooters. A friend of mine owns the old Vespa below. It was manufactured more than 50 years ago. The name means Wasp in Italian language. 

  • I hope you will have a nice weekend!