Saturday, March 19, 2022

Aerobic zone benefits


When I took the picture above I wasn't enjoying the fine sands in the Caribbean or a biodiverse island of the Palwan archipelago.  I took that image this morning while I was running close to the water on the way back from the port. I noticed that those trees (I mean the low ones) are the only palms native to Europe, as that tree is known as Mediterranean dwarf palm. I think we have to respect the character of the place. It is important for the need of urban and place identity, which is a blend of physical heritage and geographical context.  

This morning a couple of tourists from Spain asked me an information while I was running through the port. I quickly noticed they were looking for the cruise ships terminal to Barcelona, and it was too easy to give them the right information, as they both could understand English language. The ship they were looking for wasn't there, so I explained that they had to take the bus. 
The problem was that they continued to ask me other information about the Barcelona pier, the ferry terminal, self-catering accomodation with free WiFi, and so on. Consequently, I had no choice but to tell them that I couldn't speak anymore because I was running. Although I spoke in a respectful way, they said they didn't like my behaviour. I didn't answered, and tryed to stay calm. So I decided to continue my run through the port.
A few minutes before I met the two Spanish tourists I had reached my aerobic zone benefits, as I was doing sustained running effort. That's the reason why I couldn't give them other information. Not to mention that they had already got the main information about how to reach the ships terminal to Barcelona.  

Have a nice weekend!

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Through the port

This moring the weather wasn't as frigid as two days ago, so I went running along the coast and past the city port. I was so glad to see Spain's tourists who were visiting the castle, despite the epidemic hasn't gone to an end, and Russia's war in Ukraine enters a third week.

With regards to the war in East Europe, the rising in fuel price to all-time highs has caused many fishing boats  to stop going up to sea.

Several fishermen and vendors, also in other countries such as Japan and Vietnam, have been talking about the continued increase in oil price. Consequently, I am afraid fish prices will climb soon.

I hope things will be better soon!

Saturday, March 05, 2022


This morning the waitress, who works at the pub in my neighborhood, decided to paint a spiderweb on the milk surface of my coffee. I don't know why :-) I didn't ask her anything about its meaning, as she simply said the two colours were made with chocolate and caramel (respectively, brown and orange)

Maybe the spiderweb means a mess. The world is in a mess due to the fact that the US, the UK, and some EU countries now try to buy time and finance Ukraine's defence system. They are still getting weapons into Ukraine from all corners of the world. As a result, Ukraine territory will become a de facto NATO-Russia battleground ... I hope I haven't bored you with my thoughts about the war in East Europe. Anyway, the good news is that Ukraine plans to hold a third round of talks this weekend.

The picture below, which I took this morning while I was running, shows a decoration on a old building. I noticed that more than two centuries ago the palace was built with the same red bricks as we see in London, NY State, and other places in North Europe.

 Have a nice weekend!