Sunday, December 05, 2021

Rome in late Autumn

This week, on a rainy thursday in late Autumn, I went to Rome for job once again. I hate wet socks, that's why I put in a change of socks while I was there. It seems people who live there are able to ride those manual scooters also on rainy days šŸ›“ ... but abandoned manual scooters along Rome's sidewalks were so dangerous.

I soon noticed that Christmas decoration were already there along many streets and squares. 

On the way back, while I was walking along an historical alley of the town, I saw a Citroƫn 2cv on the cobblestones. It's an old car manufactured in France from 1948 to 1990. In the late 1970s the Citroƫn 2cv was a very popular car. It has always been so colorful, al least two colours.

I also took the next two pictures in Rome:  refurbishment of a historical building (Ministry of Finance) and an urban green space, which provides psychological relaxion and supports physical activity.

The last picture above shows that on the 42nd parallel lemons are already on branches. Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C.


Ivana Split said...

Great photographs. It's lovely to see Rome in late autumn. I love lemons.

Tom said...

...the Citroƫn 2cv is so ugly that it's cute!

DVArtist said...

Ohhhh Giorgio I love seeing these photos of Rome. Are scooters left for free to use? Or is there a pay system? Or do you have to have your own? The Citroƫn 2cv looks like a cross from the VW Bug. I like this car. Have a very nice Sunday.

SzgnBsl said...

The electric scooter is a great short-distance transportation vehicle that I have been using for the past year. It is especially useful for city trips. I like Citroen too, very cool :) Happy new week:)

J.P. Alexander said...

Bellas imagenes de Roma, me gustan las decoraciones navideƱas. Te mando un beso

kestrel said...

Rome is always beautiful and together with the cobblestones and wet day, Rome looks so romantic. I have one regret in life and that is not learning how to ride a motor cycle. It is such a fast way to get around and no PARKING problems. But, the electric scooter seems very interesting, I wonder if I can balance on one. The scooters kind of look like ALIENS parked every where. Have not seen a lemon TREE, only small lemon shrubs. I wonder which COOL guy or gal owns the Citroen, it is magnifico!!

ashok said...

Thanks for the quick trip of Rome! Looks like a wet day! The Citroen is both funny and cute! That's the biggest lemon tree i have ever seen!

Giorgio said...

To Alexander, Kestrel, Ashok & SgznBsl:

As soon as you visit Rome, you will ride one of those electric scooters :-) so you will see see the main city's landmarks. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed my post! ... Thank you for the appreciation about the Italian capital.

Enjoy the rest of this week!

Veronica Lee said...

I enjoyed this quick trip of Rome.

The Citroƫn 2cv looks so cool with the duo colours!

Happy Wednesday, Giorgio.

Giorgio said...

To Nicole, Ivana, Veronica and Tom:

with regards to manual scooters, When the epidemic began in early 2020, the Italian government issued a pay system in many big towns. Consequently, less people have been travelling by bus and tube/subway/metro.

When I go to Rome, once again, I will took pictures of the neighborhood close to Vatican City.

Actually, Citroƫn 2cv design is unusual :-)

Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely photographs, isn't the lemon tree wonderful.

All the best Jan