Saturday, September 04, 2021

Sunny Sunday on September 5th


Water is still fantastic on Sunday, September 5th. Today the sea is warm and temperate along the Thyrrenian coast, with translucent water, and almost no waves. It's perfect for snorkeling (Santa Marinella, Italy).

The school ship "Amerigo Vespucci" has just left Civitavecchia harbour. The ship was named after the name of the explorer Amerigo Vespucci, and usually carries 24 sails, for a total surface of 2.600 square metres.

Have a nice Sunday ☀️


SzgnBsl said...

Great selection of ships to train good sailors:) Happy sunday and also happy new week:)

Tom said...

...the ship is a beautiful sight!

Mica said...

That boat looks impressive! And the sea looks so cool and welcoming! :)

Hope you had a great weekend :) We enjoyed the warmer weather which was good as it's another cold spring day today!

Away From The Blue

kestrel said...

I am amazed at the clear cut line between sea and sky and the contrast in blues. Just a straight line to separate the 2. When I see pixs like these, i appreciate nature and that we should continue to do our best not to upset the balance of nature with on-going development

Giorgio said...

To Kestrel: you're right Kestrel, many people don't understand the fragility of our
environment and the importance of its protection.
Glad to see you enjoyed the pictures of contrast of blue colors between the sea
and the sky. :-)

To Mica, Tom and SzgnBsl: thanks for the appreciation! :-)

Veronica Lee said...


Love the blue waters and skies, Giorgio.

R's Rue said...

Beautiful 😍

Unknown said...

Che mare stupendo, le vacanze a settembre sono le migliori!
Kisses, Paola.


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DVArtist said...

Ohhh now this is the kind of sea I want to live by. That ship is spectacular.

Giorgio said...

To Nicole and Paola: Actually, many people enjoy summer holiday in September, as the weather
is not too hot. Thanks for the appreciation! Have a nice a Thursday!

Unknown said...

Happy weekend my dear friend!
Kisses, Paola.


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Lowcarb team member said...

Beautiful photographs, especially the school ship "Amerigo Vespucci".

All the best Jan

Unknown said...

Ciao Giorgio, ti auguro una buona giornata!

Kisses, Paola.


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Malindha Erba said...

El barco parece de película ♥