Saturday, January 22, 2022

Underground Naples

A dear blogger friend from Oregon (US), Nicole, always enjoys reading posts about Naples (South Italy). That's why I show a few pictures which I took one month ago while I was spending my holiday in Naples (the 1st week of the new year). 

The 1st picture here below shows the Naples underground entrance. The underground city spreads below the entire old town, as the subsoil of Naples is crossed by a large network of  tunnels, tanks and old watercourses. The guides took us on a journey through 2400 years of history, marked by works of Greek and Roman periods, up to the modern age.

In the 4th century BC the Greeks gave life to the underground cisterns to cope with the water supply and to find the stones they needed for buildings.
During the WWII the underground cavities became shelters against aerial bombing.

The mysterious labyrinth of cavities is located below Naples historical alleys. 

The last picture below shows a path of the big urban green space, located in the middle of Naples, where I sometimes enjoy running and walking.    

Have a nice weekend and stay well!


Tom said...'s a secret world. I love the narrow alley and mossy green path!

SzgnBsl said...

The underground city looks very interesting and no one had mentioned it when I got there :) Happy Sunday Giorgio.

DVArtist said...

Ohhh Giorgio thank you so very much. This is a fascinating piece of history. The engineering of the spiral is simply magnificent. Then, to go shopping and have a nice walk right in the middle of the city. I am thrilled to see these photos.

Giorgio said...

To Nicole, Tom, and SzgnBls:

I am glad to see your appreciation for the unusual underground of Naples.

If you go to Naples, please don't forget to visit Naples and its undergorund.

J.P. Alexander said...

Me encantaría conocer Napoles esta hermosa has ta en subsuelos. Te mando un beso

DVArtist said...

I had to come back to view the photos again. Thank you for the link. If you ever get to the Pacific Northwest, the state of Washington and the city of Seattle, there is an underground portion of old Seattle there. I have been several times when I was younger.

Giorgio said...

Oh, Nicole, Thank you for the link :-) I am interested in the underground reality of the cities. Those places are isolated by time, but deeply connected with the world above.

Veronica Lee said...

Underground Naples is fascinating!

Thank you for the fabulous photos.

Happy Tuesday, Giorgio!

Ivana Džidić Split said...

I didn't know about the underground tunnels in Naples, that's really interesting. I'm aware that Naples has an interesting history and historical Greek/Roman remains, but I had no idea about the underground part of the city. How very fascinating. Thanks for sharing!

Giorgio said...

To Nicole, J.P. Alexander, Veronica and Ivana:

Glad to see your were interested in my post about Naples underground. That big underground labyrinth was built 2,400 years ago, when Naples was a Greek colony. If you go to Italy, please don't forget to visit Naples and its underground beauty.
You are welcome here!

Thank for your appreciation :-)

NASSAH said...

That's a great post to read about Napoli underground tunnels, thanks for sharing

baili said...

I found this underground city so fascinating.

I am in awe how hardworking and insightful were those who made it possible.

Almost 29 years ago me and hubby saw such stair going into the ground. Stair were walled and quite below and we saw them accidentally. It was near restricted area and probably this was the reason that discovery never exposed for public. Stair showed there was a world underground.
Thank you for sharing.
Blessings to you and family