Friday, June 11, 2010

Formula Run Cup

Next Sunday we're going to Rome where the Formula Run Cup starts at 09:30. The 10 km race will be held in support of Save the Children. I'll have a breakfast of 300 to 500 calories two hours before the starting and I won't forget to eat carbs the night before the race. Maybe I'll have pizza with my family and other friends.
Now I post a photo of a nice old and small village which I saw this week while I was working. It is situated in the middle of Italy, 60 km North of Rome, and is connected by a narrow walkway to reality and to the surrounding countryside.

Entering the ancient city gate we feel that we're leaving the real world. It isn't a place to running and ... there are 15 inhabitants only! From 2002 some English people have bougth old houses in this small supernatural world.
I hope that all my blogger friends will have a nice weekend.


Johann said...

Good luck with the 10k. Finally the world cup started! Yeah for SA to hold Mexico to a draw! Good luck to Italy, you have a better chance than we have, but we've got the event right here! Yeah!

Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
I am sending you lots of luck and well wishes for your 10K race!

Thanks for sharing the pictures of Civita....absolutely amazing:)

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!

Christina said...

good luck on your run.

I love the picture of the village. That looks like it would be a steep incline to get up there.

Anne said...

Good luck on your race!!

That is a beautiful place...I would love to visit this ancient city.

Black Knight said...

My fault, we didn't enter the 10k, sorry! Beautiful picture. Planning new adventures!!!!!

Old Runningfox. said...

Hi there Giorgio,
I was interested in one of your other posts - about hamstring stretches. After a run I put my foot on a wall with my leg parallel to the ground, then lean forward and try to put both hands round my foot. When you get older, like me, hamstrings shorten and after a run I can usually only reach my foot with one hand - until I've used the 'Stick' mentioned in my Blog. After a couple of minutes rolling the knots out I can then put both hands round my foot quite easily because the hamstring has lengthened.

Sherri said...

I love that picture! Good Luck with your 10k!