Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sitting in the air

I have been living crazy busy since the last week of October because of job issues and my mother's orthopedic injury. At the moment my mother is recovering slightly as she is in a rehabilitation centre situated here, in Civitavecchia, 60 km North from Rome. Its location is perfect as it is close to the see (picture on the left). I'm going there twice a day and this gives her motivation.
On the job front, I went to Rome three times last week and I was happy to see a lot of people, mainly from Japan, who were gathering the Vatican Square. This means that people around the world are still interested in my country. While I was walking next to the Vatican Museum I saw a particular show along the street: a Pakistani, who wore orange clothes, was sitting in the air. You have probably seen that in many different towns around the world. Here below there is a link of a Youtube web page which shows how those charlatans work:

The picture below shows the Vatican Square.
Of course, since November 1st I haven't been running three times a week and I've lost my training. At the moment my training in not adequate for a 10 or 21 km at a sub 5 min./km pace. 
Happy running, cycling and swimming to all my blogger friends.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Physical therapy

First of all, I would like to thank my blogger friends who supported me when my mother was operated. They were very kind and supportive through their emails and blogging comments. Surgery went well last Wednesday although she lost a lot of blood: about 700 ml.
At the moment my mother  is still walking slowly and of course she struggles. I hope she will go along the sidewalk soon and enjoy the fall colours of the town. 

Thanks again!