Sunday, January 29, 2006

The ordeal of the hard slope

The ordeal of the hard slope

The race has been hard: drizzly and 23 kilometres though hills and valleys.
1 hour and 53 minutes: Stefano has already written the running results on his blog.
I've moved with difficulty to get the top of the last slope (beetwen the 15th and the 17 th kilometre).
You can see this hard slope on Stefano's blog (the post of the 26 january 2006). It's the image of the hill with the castle on top.
But after all, We've enjoyed, the hill scenery has been beautiful though hazelnut groves and ... we've received cheese, wine and pieces of pottery.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Incursion in the enemy territory

In the afternoon the black knight ran and the main part of the distance was in the enemy county.
(Sir Stefano 28 kilometres and Sir Giorgio 22 kilometres).
This time the dogs didn't attack us because Sir Stefano immobilized them with only his eyes.
During the incursion the old castle of the enemy vice-governor was damaged.
In both the images there is the old castle. It is situated near our town and the black runners sometimes run near this monument.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Christmas time

During christmas time I left the main barrack of the Black Knight Legion to look for glory in far kingdoms. After many hours driving I reached the south of Lazio Region and there I conquered the Aurunci hills where I spent my time running in relax every day. The scared enemy stayed hidden for all the time I was there. The battlefield is beautiful but I dislike to run on my own: I missed the heroic legion so much.
In the pictures you can see:
1) the conquered village after the bloody sack;
2) the foggy lake where the enemies found a safe shelter;
3) the headquarter where the local king signed the surrender to the Black Knight Army.