Thursday, August 16, 2012

Running in vacation mode

I haven't run any race since July, 14th, although plenty of races are held here in South Italy in Summer. The weather is hot enough and I like hiking and swimming. On the running front, I am trying to maintain my running shape with three training sessions per week: 1 long run, 1 tempo run and 1 relaxing run. In other words, I'm running in vacation mode. I wrote my last post last month, after I had run the Santa Marinella's 10km race with the International running flag of friendship. It is now in Phoenix, Arizona and last Saturday Christina  ran a 21km race with  the International flag that will be probably  sent back to Europe soon. She will send it to a French running friend as soon as possible.
The water isn't polluted  here in South Italy, because this year some beach resorts aren't at capacity. Along the beach one can meet people from Nigeria who sell everything: toys, balls, goggles, swimming caps, nose clips, swimsuits. There is also the possibility of walking or running by night along the beach and to see the sea illuminated by the moon. Wonderful! 
In the photo below you can see my daughters and I and a cart with beach items, such as life belts and small rubber dinghies. Other people sell ice creams along the beach and I think that next to Naples we can probably see the most unusual beaches of anywhere in the world.

And how can we forget to pick blackberries? After my daughters and I had picked blackberries we made four jars of delicious jam.
In the main square of the small town of Itri, 8 km from the sea, I saw that old Italian motorcycle, which brand is "Moto Guzzi". It was built in the 1950s. The last photo below shows my niece, Nadine, in my mother's garden. She's 5 years old.

I hope my blogger friends will have a great  running, hiking and swimming weekend!