Saturday, June 18, 2011


Almost 95% of Italian voters have rejected nuclear energy program which was issued by Italian Government. The same voters also rejected other laws:
  1. Water privatisation;
  2. A law allowing Mr. Berlusconi (Italian Prime Minister) to avoid court appearances.
As you know, Italy's image has recently been damaged by Berlusconi's sex parties and his sexual friendship with a minor. In my opinion, the Rubygate trial has been useful to hide other Berlusconi's crimes such as fraud, false accounting and bribery. That's why he always try to change the penal law!
The Italian Prime Minister ran a Media empire and became the richest man in Italy. Since 1994 he has dominated politics and now he don't leave the position of power. Last week a very interesting article about Italian Prime Minister was published by a British newspaper: Silvio Berlusconi's record, the man who screwed an entire country.  You can read it on the website below: .
Thanks to my blogger friends who wrote comments on my blog about the Referendum and the nuclear power program .
Once Italian people reject the nuclear power program the Government will need to develop sustainability and improve renewable energy.
In this perspective, this year four photovoltaic stations will begin to produce renewable energy in the U.S. Mojave desert and a new big photovoltaic station will be built in Australia (Mildura). The Australian photovoltaic plant will be built on a 600 hectare site about 10 kilometres south of Mildura and it will generate enough green power to run 60,000 homes each year.
Moreover, there are important projects about the production of photovoltaic energy in South Africa (Upington) and Israel (Negev desert). Anyway, the development of renewable energy isn't  related  to a desert or a sunny country: I saw photovoltaic panels on the rooftops in the centre of  Munich! You can see them in the photo above which I took three months ago while I was in Germany.

On the running front, this month I am not running any race and I've planned to run two races in July. I'm trying to lose weight although it isn't easy :)
I hope all you have nice runs! 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Environment and Democracy

Today Italy began to vote to decide about a new nuclear power program. The previous referendum had been held in 1987 and it brought Italy in the stoppage of nuclear production. Since July 2009 the Italian Government have worked to define a new nuclear power program. Italy is bounded in the north-east by Slovenija, which is a small country where there are 2 (two) nuclear power stations, the north  by Swiss, where there are 5 (five) ones and the north-west by France, where there are 58 (fifty eight) nuclear power stations!!!
On the other hand, last month Germany has decided to suspend its activities nuclear.
In my opinion we need to improve energy efficiency because a more consistent effort to develop sustainability and an increased contribution of renewable energy production (green economy) would prevent the need of nuclear production. But, from a strategic point of view, nowadays Italy needs at least a small share ( 5% ) of nuclear production, although there are the high radioactive waste disposal costs. The world energy demand will grow in the period 2012-2020. Of consequence, the price of carbon and crude oil will rise too!
Today Italian people have to chose about the new nuclear power program!
What do you think about nuclear production? I'm curious of your opinion!
Nice Sunday to all my blogger friends!

Monday, June 06, 2011

Dusty running path

Last Saturday, June, 4th, I ran a 6 km race in Rome in support of a social cause. The earning which is related to the race will be useful  to build a school in Amazon and help children in that special part of the world.
The race wasn't  enjoyable because the first two kilometers of the running path were covered with a layer of dusty and we breathed dust.
It seemed a Sahara track and although the race started at 06:00 p.m. the climate was hot. That kind of track should be wet before the race.
Before we had done the warm up Stefano ( Black Knight ) and I met other three runners coming from our town. The photo below shows our small running group (I'm with the number 8).  
Stefano and I ran the race as training and we choose a slow average pace (5 min./km). The photo below shows the running track.
Nice training to all my blogger friends!

Friday, June 03, 2011


I'm trying to run three times a week, despite this Spring is rainy enough, because I've to find my motivation. Thanks to all the blogger friends who supported me.  Their comments really help me while I'm trying to find my motivation and inspiration back.
I'm busy (family and work) and I'm making lists because it is relaxing. Somebody says that making lists, where you can write everything to do, calm you down, especially at the end of a stressful day.
How do you remember everything you have to do each day, week or month? A lot of people write lists  but they sometimes forget where they put them : )  And few people write key words on the back of their hands !!!
I saw that young people relied on their personal organizer. Anyway, an old cell phone is good for this purpose.
On the running front, on Saturday, June, 4th, a 6 km race will be held in support of South America's Children who live in poverty and emargination. The race's total gain will be useful to help those children  (school, sports and vaccinations) who live in that special part of the world. 
That race starts at 06:00 p.m. and the running path will be around a beautiful park in the centre of Rome. The following website shows the race's track.
I'm running it as training.
I hope all my blogger friends will  have a nice weekend!