Saturday, June 18, 2011


Almost 95% of Italian voters have rejected nuclear energy program which was issued by Italian Government. The same voters also rejected other laws:
  1. Water privatisation;
  2. A law allowing Mr. Berlusconi (Italian Prime Minister) to avoid court appearances.
As you know, Italy's image has recently been damaged by Berlusconi's sex parties and his sexual friendship with a minor. In my opinion, the Rubygate trial has been useful to hide other Berlusconi's crimes such as fraud, false accounting and bribery. That's why he always try to change the penal law!
The Italian Prime Minister ran a Media empire and became the richest man in Italy. Since 1994 he has dominated politics and now he don't leave the position of power. Last week a very interesting article about Italian Prime Minister was published by a British newspaper: Silvio Berlusconi's record, the man who screwed an entire country.  You can read it on the website below: .
Thanks to my blogger friends who wrote comments on my blog about the Referendum and the nuclear power program .
Once Italian people reject the nuclear power program the Government will need to develop sustainability and improve renewable energy.
In this perspective, this year four photovoltaic stations will begin to produce renewable energy in the U.S. Mojave desert and a new big photovoltaic station will be built in Australia (Mildura). The Australian photovoltaic plant will be built on a 600 hectare site about 10 kilometres south of Mildura and it will generate enough green power to run 60,000 homes each year.
Moreover, there are important projects about the production of photovoltaic energy in South Africa (Upington) and Israel (Negev desert). Anyway, the development of renewable energy isn't  related  to a desert or a sunny country: I saw photovoltaic panels on the rooftops in the centre of  Munich! You can see them in the photo above which I took three months ago while I was in Germany.

On the running front, this month I am not running any race and I've planned to run two races in July. I'm trying to lose weight although it isn't easy :)
I hope all you have nice runs! 


Ewa said...

I wonder what the vote would look like of not for the events in Japan.
Your prime minister is certainly a colorful character but trust me, we've had those also, and a lot more damaging to the world. It is amazing we keep electing people like that.
Losing weight is tough. With each year it seems to be more difficult.

Char said...

I've heard that photovoltaic technology is improving all the time and that the energy production is much more efficient. It really is the way to go.

Good luck with the weight loss.

Amy said...

Sun panels are really big here in Belgium - you see them everywhere.
Good luck with the weight loss - it seems to be an eternal struggle, doesn't it?

Giorgio said...
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Breandán said...

well done to Italy - a courageous and clear stance...

Black Knight said...

Vedremo se i referendum avranno un seguito. Hai visto quello che già sta succedendo qui riguardo l'acqua?
In merito alle gare per ora, come abbiamo stabilito, è sicura Orbetello poi vedremo per S.Marinella (io come te deciderò all'ultimo minuto tanto ci si può iscrivere il giorno stesso della gara)

martin briars said...

i wish the french would do more ! france is littered with nuclear power plants - though more and more wind turbines are being installed... my favourite italian is Roberto Mancini, manager of my football team - manchester city. I am considering going back to play football in september, but will also continue with my triathlon !!
keep on running giorgio ! you're only young once !!

Christina said...

95% is very high. People aren't willing to change their habits and are running through other energy resources. Either they change how much they are using or find something different. The mess the world is going to be in when neither is done.

My BF thinks gas should be taxed much more than it is today so people will change behavior and look for alternative fuels.