Monday, December 31, 2012

The Earth has another three billion years

A new year begins soon, in spite of the end of the Mayan Calendar which finishes on December 21st (or 12nd), 2012 ... and nobody seems to be worried about the theory and its hypothetical cataclysm :) The prophecy was a mistranslation that has been portrayed in the media. As you know, people tend to be sheep! The planet is going to go on and has another three billion years. But we will have to deal with other issues: unemployment and pollution in Western countries, human rights and wars in the muslim part of the world such as Syria, Egypt and Nigeria. We, people who live in the Northern emisphere of the world, have taken everything for granted, particularly fuels, commodities, environment and that sort of things. Anyway, I am reasonably optimistic although we have got to be careful: the ecological footprint of nations shows that humans are horribly depleting the world, but I think there's an optimistic future!
The photo above was taken two weeks ago when I went to Rome for shopping. It shows the big Christmas three which was set up in Vatican Square.
Happy New Year to Everyone!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Christmas

Since yesterday  Santa Claus has been hitting the bookshelves and since then we have seen a pleasant Christmas atmosphere in our living room. We have planned a short vacation this month from 22nd to 27th. We will spend Christmas time in  Naples, where my mother, my two sisters and their families live.
There is a small town called Tolfa and located in the hill, 20 km North from my town, where I went yesterday for job. Children made a Christmas tree on the main square of Tolfa using recycled plastic bottle. 
Happy Christmas to all my blogger friends! 

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Monterano Nature Reserve

Today, December, 8th,  it is public holiday here in Italy, as we celebrate the feast of the blessed virgin Mary. It is celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church as well as a few other closely related Chistian churches. The weather here in Central Italy shows that Autumn is going to an end: this week, on Wednesday, 5th, I went to Umbria for job and the main part of the freeway was covered with icy snow. Really dangerous, as you can see in photo above. The weather changed gradually as we drove west, across the valleys, where there wasn't any snow and we could still enjoy an autumnal scenery as you can see below. that photo shows a very quiet place located 80 km north from Rome, where we could hear birds singing. It is the Canale Monterano protected area.
It's a beautiful valley without rubbish, advertising billboards, supermarkets and McDonalds. There are very few cars. Sometimes there is only one: yours! That place offers beautiful scenery, fascinating archaeology and, first of all, wonderful paths to run.

In the meanwhile, I am running three times a week and I haven't planned any race. I'll probably run the Christmas race on December, 16th, which will be held to help charities.
Nice weekend and happy running to all my blogger friends!