Friday, June 21, 2019

An on-going debate: cycling or running

I haven't been running since May 20, as I haven't been trained as I should. After  I had run the Race For the cure in Rome on May 19, I did three training sessions. And I began to feel pain on the left side of my right knee. So my injured knee was visited by the orthpedic technician, who modified my orthotic insoles. As a result, the pain on my right knee disappeared. Unfortunately, one week later, after I had done two running sessions I began to feel pain on my left knee.  This time the  orthpedic technician didn't modifie my orthotic insoles. He only said I needed new running shoes. Why didn't he say that the first time he visited my right knee? Anyway, I had no choice but to buy new running shoes.

Meanwhile I am cycling, as I am still afraid running may injure my knees. Next week I'll try to run 20 minutes only. Since I have had pain on my knees, I have been cycling. This  gives me the opportunity to understand, once again,  how I love running.  
The following picture shows Civitavecchia, the town where I live, work, and  ...  go cycling.

The picture above on the right shows pink geranium's flowers on my balcony. On the left  a traditionally-rigged sailing vessel of the Italian Navy while it was leaving the port of Civitavecchia. I got that picture two weeks ago thanks to a friend of mine who took it while he was sailing with his boat.

The fourth picture here on the left side reminds me the dangerous wet cobblestones along the running path in Rome, where I ran the  2019 "Race For The Cure" on May 19. I took the picture while I was running that race.

... And a deliciuos cake, which we (Stefano and me) had at lunch after we had run  the  2019 Rome's "Race For The Cure" on May 19. 

Have a nice weekend!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Rome's 20th Race for the cure

I'm happy to report that on May, 19th I ran the Rome's 20th Race for the cure. I enjoyed once again this wonderful running event which was held close to the most beautiful Rome's landmarks, such as coliseum, Circus Maximus, and Altar of the Fatherland.

The picture above on the right shows Stefano  (wearing black outfit) and the wet cobblestones along the track that were very dangerous, as the weather was rainy.  It was also raining while we were waiting on the starting line (picture below).  

Fortunately, there were no cobblestones on the finish line :-)))

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Pictures of the volcanic island of Ischia

I've just spent four days in the volcanic island of Ischia, about 30 km West from Naples. Since Monday Easter I have not run and I have not gone cycling. I have Mainly enjoyed thermal spas.

While I was on holiday, my nephew (17 years old) gave me a phone call. He said he found a World War II-era bomb while he was hiking in the hills situated close to Gaeta, 90 km North from Naples. His smart phone was very useful, as he was able to take latitude and longitude. Of course, I quickly sent latitude and longitude to army specilists, who will remove the World War II-era bomb on May 5th. Poeple don't live near the place where the World War II-era bomb was found.

During the second World War the Gustav Line stretched across the Italian peninsula and barred the way to Rome for two allied armies in Italy. Unfortunately, Gaeta was on the Gustav Line. That's why a lot of  World War II-era bombs are still there.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Huge contribute in the restoration of Notre Dame

People all over the world are sharing love and respect to Notre Dame. Unfortunately, after the terrible ordeal the roof and the tower of that iconic monument have been lost. I'm so glad to hear about people's huge contribute in the restoration of Notre Dame de Paris. In 2011 I took the following two pictures of  Notre Dame de Paris  ... I don't show picture of the fire.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

A few thoughts about unhealthy food

Deep fried artichokes
Since I gave up running races in July 2017, I have been more focused on unhealthy food, as I have been afraid my cholesterol levels may increase.For instance, I used to have croissants at breakfast, as I didn't take seriously the danger related to  margarine, which is made with hidrogenated vegetable oils and is more innatural than we think. Margarine and fats, which can damage our hearth, blood vessels, and mess up cholesterol levels, are crucial ingredients in all bakery and patisserie recipes. Some oil are GMO. For healthy alternative, we can opt for olive oil. 
With regards to oil, all deep fried food contains a dangerous substance called "acrylamide", that some studies have linked to cancer and neurological damage. Hot dogs and similar smoked and salted meat contain lots of preservatives. In addition, they are high in sodium ... too much sodium in the bloodstream can cause dangerous effects.  
We can also find sodium in deli meats, such as ham and salami.That food is also full of nitrates, preservatives and additives.  
Carbonate drink and soda are our worst enemies: we could add our homemade fruit juice to some sparkly water. Not to mention sugar, which is highly adictive. It also create fat. I like to add honey to my recipe.
However, this post is not intended to be an exhaustive list of unhealthy food. It's just a snapshot. For instance, I haven't mentioned aspartame, alcohol, and other substances which are contained in other unhealthy food. 

The two picture above show ham and salami (picture on the left), and chantilly custard (picture on the right).

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Smart phones may be bad for our mental health

I've learnt a new word English word though the web. The word I've just found is "phubber", which is a combination of "phone" and "snubber". People use the word "phubber" when they are talking about people who ignore real people around them, because they are concentrating on their mobile phones. They move their heads slowly downwards looking at their smart phone. 
It seems that when we are involved in our phone, we don't know time passing. If we were to check our smart phone compulsively, we wouldn't really control it, and we wold feel we have to do it again and again.
Most psychologists think that smart phone probably leads to an increasing mental problem for teenagers. This mean they have phisical and mental need to keep on mobile phone. In other words, they feel they are addicted to smart phone. There are people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, and peple who can be addicted to other things, like mobile phones.
In addition, studies have shown that spending too much time on our smart phone is bad for our focus and mental health. 
Although smart phone is a useful way to keep in touch with people, we should incourage people to comunicate in person. 

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Marine animals killed by plastic

According to the Australian Marine Consevation Society, more than one Million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals are killed every year by plastic. When plastic breaks down into smaller pieces, marine animals suffer by eating them.
The two pictures below show a dolphin and a whale both made of plastic recycling. They have been made in the middle of a Rome's square.