Monday, September 04, 2017

Non-acidic fruits & vegetables

I've been cycling since I noticed  that osteoarthritis of my feet is strictly related to running. So during the second week of July I gave up running and began cycling in the Hills,  through tall oaks and olive trees.

Cycling is great exercise but hard work when it is windy and the path is up-hill. It gives me the same endorphin production as I experienced when I was a runner. 

Just a picture of  the Southern Italian Coast which I visited in August:

And with regard to August, people who live in the Northern Emisphere  can enjoy in Summer time a huge list of non-acidic  fruits & vegetables. As it is known, we always have to consume non-acidic food in the aim to maintain our body pH level normal.
Lemons, lime and kiwi are  categorized as highly alkaline fruits and are therefore non-acidic. Other non-acidic fruits include bananas, cantaloupe, coconot, grapefruit, grapes, watermelon and berries (exceptions are cranberries and blueberries which are classified as acidic).
Apple and orange are non-acidic fruits which we can find in Winter. In addition, in Winter there are a lot of non-acidic vegetables, such as cabbage, carrots, artichoke, pumpkin, lettuce and garlic.


Friday, July 14, 2017

Damaged cartilage of toes' joints

I haven't been running any race since 2nd June, and four days ago I ran the last training session. I thought it  was really my last running training, after my feet had been visited by the orthopedist in Rome on 12 July. Actually, the doctor said I can't run because of  the early stage of  the arthritis of  toes. The articulations of my both feet are damaged at 50%, and over time, if  I were to run again,  walking would be a problem because of damaged cartilage of toes' joints. In other words, If I continue to run, articular cartilage injury will increase.
That's why I can't run  any more.
The picture here shows the number of my last running race, which I did last month, on 2nd June.
I don't know whether I will go swimming or cycling. I may also go to the gym. I'm still astonished as I can't believe I have to give up running.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Running along the seashore and next to ancient Roman ruins

I continue to show the route that I usually run when my running session lasts more than one hour. It's a running track along the seashore and next to ancient Roman ruins (on April 24th I showed other Roman ruins).

The pictures were taken when the water flows away from the shore (Ebb tide).

With regard to running, I've got two pictures of  the12 km race which I ran last month. I was running I wore the red outfit. My running pace was 4:40 min./km
Spring weather makes me feel fine, but just a little tired. That's why  I haven't been running any race since April 2nd.  The following picture shows how I was tired while I was running the 12th km.
Two months ago my son and my two daughters gave me some goji berries, and since then I have been having them at breakfast in addition to other food, such as honey, walnuts and yogurt.
I have learnt the antioxidant power of goji berries. With regard to my Spring weakness, I am looking for some food which berries could be helpful. Have you ever been tired in Spring?
Nice weekend to everyone!

Monday, April 24, 2017

snorkeling close to ancient roman ruins

The Spring temperature this week gives me the opportunity to go running. It's definitely good to be outside! The two pictures show the route close to the sea, where I sometimes run with my friends. Ancient Roman ruins are still there in the sea, although people don't care about them. It is a good place to go snorkeling and have a nice underwater adventure. The water is so clean, and the ruins  are located 60 km North from Rome. 
The pictures were taken from the helicopter, and a colleague of mine gave them me.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Social lives of networked people

Nowadays we can always see people attracted by texting, Facebook,  Twitter, instant messaging, and other social media. We see them completely "networked" everywhere: along the streets, in open plan offices, and inside restaurants and department stores. Sometimes we can see them inside the church. We are surrounded by awkward images of people who now go online to connect other people in their community. They don't  see the world around them. Since the late 2000s I have seen people who send text messages while they are running. How do they carrying mobile phones while they are running?

I would like to carry a camera while I am running instead of a mobile ... I took the picture of the seagull above while I was running this week.
Happy Easter to the blogging community!

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Tuscania 10 km race

I hadn't run race through the rain since February 9th, 2014. And I wouldn't have thought I can still running a 10 km race at a good pace, as I am not adequately trained at the moment.

After I had run the first km through the old town of Tuscania, along dangerous hilly roads covered with wet cobblestones, I ran close to organic farmlands and through green fields.
I enjoyed a beautiful countryside and at least 2 km of soft running path. 
I crossed the finish line  completely wet  because of the rain. 
My average pace was 4:40 min./km.

The three last pictures have nothing to do with the 10 km race which I ran today. Some friends of mine sent me them after they had run the 2017 Rome's Marathon today ...  They also ran in the rain!

Happy outdoor adventures!