Sunday, August 18, 2013

The hills of Gaeta

Back home after a pleasurable vacation in South Italy! It was so nice to get away and spend time on the beach and relax poolside, although returning home and back to work after a vacation usually feels like punishment for temporarily ignoring our responsibility. Vacation time is really important and it doesn't matter the place or resort. I'd like to show you just six "Summer" pictures. The first one on the left shows a particular way to sell icecreams on the beach.

Unfortunately there were fires in the woods surrounding Gaeta and this is especially the case in the hills located behind the beach where we stayed. 
I didn't forget my running shoes and enjoyed my runs through the countryside. I ran at least three times a week and the photo below shows the scenery which I enjoyed along the running track. Of course I always did my runs in the early morning considering the hot weather conditions

A picture of my mother's house, located in the hills close to Gaeta, and ...

... her birthday cake.  

I hope all you will enjoy this Sunny Sunday of August!