Saturday, October 27, 2012


 Yesterday I enjoyed  running 55 minutes through a soft rain. It was really pleasant because the weather is still warm enough here in Central Italy, where such weather conditions are unusual in October.
The photo shows a particular of the beautiful farm and its well maintained ground, where I bought two pumpkins this morning. That farm is located 15 km North from my town, but I didn't buy the pumpkins because of  Halloween history and traditions :) We have planned to  cook an easy soup with pumpkin puree. As you know, people who live on the edge of the Mediterranean sea don't celebrate Halloween. Its origin lies in the traditions of the Celtic people although that festival takes place mainly in the U.S..
I've just heard good news with regards to my post about the Italian politicians, which I wrote on  November, 8th, 2011.  A judge convicted former Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi for tax fraud. Mr. Berlusconi faces a year in jail, but he is unlikely to serve the sentence, as prison terms in Italy aren't carried out until the lengthy appeals process is exhausted. What a shame! I hate those politicians who pretend to be pious and break the law!

Do you celebrate halloween in your country?

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Water pollution

As request by Christina  I show  the picture of the water pollution mentioned in my previous post. The pollution was caused by two pottery factories which had discharged waste water containing zinc, cadmium and plumb into a small river. The photo below shows the illegal emission of waste water into that Italian small river located at 60 km North from Rome.  
That illegal behaviour above mentioned causes significant risk to the environment, human health and economy. The polluted river has been significantly altered and it flows across the Treja valley which is a protected natural area:  
In addition to this, illegal emission of substances into water provides for very high profits for perpetrators. Criminal law in the field of environment  needs to be implemented in an effective way.
I hope I haven't bored you with these ecological posts. In any case, I think that most runners love environment.

Nice green weekend to all my blogger friends!