Friday, June 03, 2011


I'm trying to run three times a week, despite this Spring is rainy enough, because I've to find my motivation. Thanks to all the blogger friends who supported me.  Their comments really help me while I'm trying to find my motivation and inspiration back.
I'm busy (family and work) and I'm making lists because it is relaxing. Somebody says that making lists, where you can write everything to do, calm you down, especially at the end of a stressful day.
How do you remember everything you have to do each day, week or month? A lot of people write lists  but they sometimes forget where they put them : )  And few people write key words on the back of their hands !!!
I saw that young people relied on their personal organizer. Anyway, an old cell phone is good for this purpose.
On the running front, on Saturday, June, 4th, a 6 km race will be held in support of South America's Children who live in poverty and emargination. The race's total gain will be useful to help those children  (school, sports and vaccinations) who live in that special part of the world. 
That race starts at 06:00 p.m. and the running path will be around a beautiful park in the centre of Rome. The following website shows the race's track.
I'm running it as training.
I hope all my blogger friends will  have a nice weekend!    


ajh said...

I love lists. I get a ridiculous amount of satisfaction from crossing off done items. If I have a lot to do once I write it down I can relax.
Good luck at your race.

Anne said...

Good luck with your race! It sounds like you are getting your motivation back slowly...hang in there!

Emmy Ann Horstkamp said...

I am making lists and putting them on my ipad, on card stock, in notebooks, on the back of receipts. I make lists for what I have to do, things I want, things that other people want, things I need to do for work or for my own personal improvement. I love finding old lists to see what was important to me six months ago, two years ago. Sometimes the things on those lists are very similar and sometimes they have changed dramatically.

Have fun at your race :-)

Black Knight said...

Adesso che รจ estate approfitta del fatto che vai a mare per fare un po' di cross training. Il nuoto aiuta e fa lavorare i muscoli che la corsa non utilizza.
Ci si vede oggi alle 15.45 romperemo c... illustri e stavolta per ... beneficenza. Ah quanto ci piacciono a noi queste cause sociali.

Char said...

I write lists - what has to be done for work, shopping lists. Part of it is because I forget but the work lists are to help me focus on priorities and to enjoy seeing the list get shorter as the week progresses.

Christina said...

I write lists and then start new ones. Sometimes I just can't find the old one but usually I transfer the one list to the new one. There's something in rewriting the list that helps me remember the things I need to do. Rarely do I look at the list and decide what to work on next because I already have it in my brain.

Fran said...

I'm glad to hear you kept running even though you are not that motivated at the moment. We're on the same place. My next half marathon schedule starts tomorrow and I look forward to starting it as having a training plan helps me more.

I'm a list addict. I have lists for everything. It helps me otherwise I would forget things, especially at work where people ask a lot at me and if I don't write it down I forget it.

I use the old fashioned piece of paper but also have a to do list app in my blackberry that I use. I even make my grocery lists in my BB and take that to the store.

Hope you had a great run in Rome today.

If you have time, visit my blog and read my Saturday's post, it's also about your beloved country.

Ewa said...

This is a very good cause.

Hope you can make it to CA one of these days. I will gladly be your guide.