Sunday, May 22, 2011

Protected donkey breeds

Last week I had a relaxing run with the group  across the mediterranean shrub near the town. The scenery was really beautiful and we ran up hill and down hill. There were wild donkeys and cows  along the path.
I'm trying to find my motivation and tomorrow we are running around that natural reserve again. I think that running across a natural environment may help. Of course, I have to lose weight :) and try to eat healthy. 
The photos below show the  hills above mentioned.

We ran down hill, next to the red house which you can see in the photo above and then up hill. The weather was not too hot and not too cold. This particular breed of donkey (photo below) is in danger of extinction and we saw it along the path while we were running.
Fortunately, his mother is pregnant  :) You can see her mother in the photo below.  
The stamp below shows the Italian protected donkey breeds.
Nice running to all my blogger friends!


Char said...

When I saw your blog, I thought from the picture that it was Johann's because of the wild buffalo. Wrong! I love the picture of the donkeys. They're such gentle looking creatures. It must have been a lovely run.

ajh said...

How great that the mother is pregnant. Looks like a neat run.

Ewa said...

What a nice area to run. I feel always better running in natural places than in cities. Hope your cool weather holds. Running in the heat is no fun.
Those donkeys are very cute. Maybe you'll get some pictures of the little one soon. :)

Johann said...

Love this! We have similar donkeys here. I'm sure you've seen them in some of my trail photos. The light colour with the dark stripe on the shoulder. I wonder if they are related? Probably all mixed with other types.

Black Knight said...

Veramente un bel posto per correre, si vedono moltissimi animali.
Purtroppo là ho trovato anche delle trappole per uccelli ma correndo correndo come le trovavo le buttavo (ero con Pino, penso tu lo abbia conosciuto, l'ex impiegato della Tirrenia).
A presto per mangiarci una pizza ed organizzare le prossime avventure.

Christina said...

I would have never thought a donkey would be protected. It's interesting mom is pregnant, which is good since they are protected.

Fran said...

Love the donkey. And it sure is a beautiful area.

It looks like I finally found my motivation and inspiration back, had a great run this morning.

Sherri said...

We have to go to the zoo to see cool animals like this! I love your pictures! Your runs are always exciting!

Breandán said...

Giorgio, you should never lose your motivation because you are motivating others with your positive look on life! I mean, who else would highlight strange donkey breeds as a means to lifting the running spirit - and it works! Well done!

Johann said...

Hi Giorgio! I'm bummed about Comrades but luckily I've done it before and I have many other goals to achieve this year so its not all that bad. I'm looking forward to the trails and will look for the donkeys to take some photos for you.