Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Carbs, proteins and vitanin C

Last week a Dutch Blogger friend of mine, Fran , wrote on her blog that she's going to follow a new training plan.  She'll try to do some things, such as lose weight, add yoga, drink less wine and eat as healthy as possible. That last suggestion inspired me this post.
As you know, we, runners, always need carbs to restock energy, proteins to repair muscles and vitamin C to protect muscles. Of course, we have to put the highest quality fuel into our bodies.

Local farmer’s market offers fruit and vegetables that are often organic and have been harvested in the past 24 hours. Food products from farms near our towns can contain more vitamin C, iron, magnesium and phosphorus than fruit and vegetables that are shipped from far away.  

Farmer’s markets sell food products which come from small farms and those vegetables are not only healthier, they often taste better, too.
In this perspective, if the produce we eat travels an average of 1800 kilometres to get from the farm to our table, important nutrients get lost along the way. I’ve read that we, runners, need: vitamin C, which is useful for cellular regeneration, iron, which helps make red blood cells and transport oxygen to the muscles, magnesium, which helps muscles contract and relax and phosphorus, which helps regulate heartbeat.

Now, I've planned to go to a local farmer's market, situated 25 km from my town, once a week.  Eating  food  products from farmer’s markets makes  improve my speed  I hope! J

Nice training to everyone!


Anne said...

As soon as the Farmer's Market opens in my area, I go pretty much every week! Fresh is the best! :)

Char said...

That's so true. My husband and I go to a market every week. Usually the produce is fresher and it's also way cheaper so we can buy more and our diet is so much better.

Fran said...

That's so sweet of you mentioning my blog.

I totally agree on the products from the farmer's market.

We have a market in our town every Saturday where you can buy also fruits and vegetables. However cheaper, the quality of the products isn't as good as at my greengrocer. So I buy my fruits and vegetables there.

I buy as much seasonal products as possible. I never buy for example strawberries in Winter because they're flown in. I only buy Dutch strawberries in Summer (which tastes also better).

Black Knight said...

Quei carciofi mi ispirano proprio, sono veramente invitanti.
Comunque hai ragione, verdura e frutta fresca prevengono malattie e forniscono più sostanza.
Nota di servizio: ho ripreso a correre ma devo essere prudente.

Johann said...

We do the farmer's market as well. The only problem here is you have to be there before 6AM as the best products are sold out between 5 and 6 AM.

Amy said...

Farmer's markets are such a great place to get healthy fruit and veg - I also think it is more inspiring to cook with!

chris mcpeake said...

Farmers markets are awesome

Christina said...

I've wanted to find a farmers market in Phoenix and haven't been successful yet. I know there are some but just not convenient. Maybe soon I'll do a search and try and find one.

Emmy Ann Horstkamp said...

I agree that eating local is good for you and will add more vitamins to your diet and will also support the local economy. Here in Germany, we can have veggies delivered from the farmer to our house at the same cost as going to the grocery store.

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