Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter tradition

Thanks to everyone for the Easter wishes. I hope all you have had a relaxing Easter time with your family or your friends, running, hiking or biking.  I'd like to show you  these photos which I took on Friday, April, 22nd. It's a view of the Civitavecchia's procession which had been held for Easter tradition.  It takes a whole month to organize it and everybody joins in the preparetion. Before the procession began the streets had been cleaned because people white hooded  walked barefoot and dragged heavy chains. You can see them in these three  photos.

The tradition of the Easter procession, which began in the seventeenth century, gives a mystic atmosphere to the town. From a sociological point of view it's important that people try to keep a tradition alive.

A nice week to everyone.


Char said...

Do both men and women get to walk in the procession? Or is it only males (which is what I'd expect from a tradition that dates back so far) You could never have a procession dressed like that in the US. The outfits look just too similar to the Ku Klux Klan.

Giorgio said...

Char is right! The outfits with with hoods look just too similar to the Ku Klux Klan, although there are chains and crosses too. But in Italy we don't think that there's a relationship with the Ku Klux Klan.
Anyway, men and women wear that white outfit with white hoods while they are walking in the procession.

Amy said...

Wow, that is impressive. There are similar traditions here in Belgium (like the Procession of the Holy Blood in Bruges).

Johann said...

That is really interesting. I'm glad you had a good Easter. Mine was good as well and I had some relaxed time with the family between running.

Old Runningfox. said...

Very impressive, and it looks similar to Semana Santa, in Spain, but I believe their costumes are a bit darker.
Hope you had a very pleasant Easter.

Fran said...

That's impressive, must be special to watch it every year.

Don't know if we have something like this in Holland, maybe in catholic cities but I'm not sure.

Black Knight said...

Are they your prisoners?
Anyway great pictures. Yesterday night I was not here so I lost the procession.
See you soon.

Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
I hope that you had a wonderful Easter holiday! Take care of yourself:) I have missed reading your blog during my little break. Have a wonderful weekend!

Breandán said...

Great photos Giorgio - you are right, it's important to keep those traditions alive, it's what makes a community distinct.