Monday, April 18, 2011

Sore throat

In April the weather is really unpredictable in Italy and it isn't easy to understand what to dress up. I didn't run a race last Sunday (April, 17th) because I've had a sore throat and it will take me three days to get over it.
Of consequence, I'm not running the Rome's "Run for organ donation" which will be held on April, 25th :( My next race will be the Rome's 10 km "Campus Race" on May, 8th.
The photo which you can see below had been taken on Sunday, April, 10th, before I crossed the finish line on the Montalto's race.

I'd like to show you that  photo below which I took two weeks ago while I was visiting the Munich's Deutsches Museun. I post it because I know that our blogging friend  Johann likes model railroads.
With regards to Munich,  Char asked me what my birthday cake was. It was a Kaesekuchen, a German  cheesecake  which is not too sweet.  
A special good luck to all the blogger friends, such as  Christina, who are  participating in the 115th  Boston Marathon along with 27,000 other runners!


Fran said...

Hope your throath will be better soon.

Pity you won't be running Eastern Monday. I can use all the support that day and knowing other race too will help me finish my first half.

Johann said...

Nothing we can do but rest and get better when we have health issues. Rest is the best cure. Thanks for that model railway photo! That is really beautiful! I think I would really like German cheesecake. Have a good week and get better soon!

Ewa said...

Hope you are feeling better now. It was a smart decision not to run and give your body a chance to heal.
That cheesecake looks very tempting. Way too tempting. :)
Have a good week, Giorgio.

Black Knight said...

1. I hope you feel better soon. I think you will be ready for the Corri per il Campus. I will not because I have 15 days off.
2. Beautiful photo. On friday I will post another one, with you and I, at the start of Vivicittà.

Char said...

That's a nice-looking cake and so culturally appropriate. When in Germany do as the Germans do.

chris mcpeake said...

Hope you are feeling better.
cool trains.

Sherri said...

Sore throats are never fun!
That is a great picture of you running! My pictures always turn out horrible!
I love the railroad picture...and I love birthday cakes...great post!
Have a great weekend!

Black Knight said...

Vorrei proprio sapere come farete ora che il vostro fearless leader è ferito gravemente a mantenere alto l'onore della Black Knight Army. Solo una vile imboscata poteva consentire al nemico di colpirmi e sicuramente c'è stato l'aiuto di qualche traditore annidato nelle nostre schiere.
Non osare procedere a promozioni durante la mia forzata assenza. Le ancelle devono rimanere ancelle e gli scudieri anche.