Tuesday, June 01, 2010


With regard to my post about stretching, which I wrote the 23th of May, I describe Martin's comment. He's a 75 km trail runner from Mont Sait Aignon, France, http://martinbriars.blogspot.com/ and he saw a sports doctor who was with the French Olympic athletics team in Sydney.
Martin wrote most stretching should be before we actually run, and certainly not right after. He added that we would have to spend at least 20 mins light stretching before we run. Of course we would have to begin the run and the warm up very slowly.
The French doctor told him that after the run and after a shower he would have to begin very light stretching again. The idea he explained was that stretching a muscle which "may have trauma" will not be good!
On the contrary, most blogger friends who like running always say: "don't stretch before you've warmed up!". Maybe there are different approaches to many stretches.
On the running front, I ran 20 kn on Sunday and 10 km slow run on Monday. Tomorrow I'll do 12 km tempo run in the afternoon. Today I didn't run. It was a rest day and I followed my daughters who were playing tennis. I took some photos while they were playing tennis and I felt they were happy because I was there. I show you three photos here below.

Good training sessions to all you!


Char said...

I'm sure that you're girls were happy that their Dad was there watching them. Good job on the training. You're racking up lots of k's

Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
I love the pictures of your girls playing tennis:) The last time I played tennis was last summer on our vacation trip. I had forgotten what a great workout a game of tennis is:)

Nice job on your runs this week Giorgio....keep it up!

You are going to have to post another good Italian recipe for me to make:) I hope that you have an excellent week!

Black Knight said...

I have done a tempo run too: 12,2 km but in the morning (home-villaggio-home through mediana). Nice pictures: dopolavoro FF.SS.?

martin briars said...

thanks for the comment Giorgio!
great tennis shots! it's Roland Garros fever here in France - we can't escape tennis at the moment - only when we go running/cycling/swimming!!

Christina said...

That's interesting and completely opposite from what I've heard. I'll have to do some research on that and learn the other side. Imagine if I've been doing it wrong.