Saturday, May 29, 2010

Running in the dark

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions about "running in the dark". I've stumbled three times on stones and roots while I've been running through the countryside :( Moreover, three years ago while I was running along trail paths I fell during a "dogs attack"!! But I think that running on the road is more dangerous than running through the countryside. Most runners have stumbled on those circle wires which I mentioned in my last post. While we are running on the route we sometimes see those parts of the car which I show in the first photo below. We can also find dangerous wires along the route (second photo).

Running in the dark through the town is amazing! But we would have to follow some suggestions. For example, Julie from Minnesota said if she run in the dark she will make sure to have a running lamp and Christine from Arizona will sometimes run along a street with lights.
My friend Stefano wrote in his comment that Bruce Springsteen dances in the dark and the Black Knight Army will always run in the dark :)
Have a nice running weekend!


Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
Well, if the Black Army runs in the dark....they have to promise to be careful:) Run smart and run safe!

Happy weekend!

Amy said...

I have never run at night, I would feel too unsafe. I am lucky to be able to get my runs in during the day, though - I realize not everybody can do that. I suppose you could use one of those head lamps and reflective clothing.

Giorgio said...

To Julie and Amy: as written by johann fron Johannesbug in his last comment, in the winter we're sometimes obliged to run in the dark. I always try to run where there are street lights. It's interesting Julie's idea about running lamp:)

Johann said...

I think the most important thing is to be safe. I've got a few months of dark morning runs ahead going through our winter. Safety comes 1st and then not falling.

martin briars said...

i've done a few races which have gone into the night - and the only answer is the Headlight! I love it when winter comes round and i can get out in the woods with the light - so calm and relaxing!! and when there's snow it is so eery, i love it!!
happy runnning

Black Knight said...

Dangerous wires, dog attacks, holes in the streets. Yesterday I had to come back because I met the sheeps and the shepherd dogs (under the bridge along the Giro d'Emilio)! And the crazy drivers?

Black Knight said...

Hai ragione, Montalto รจ stata rinviata al 19/06. Potremmo correrle entrambe. Ecco il link:

Christina said...

There are night vests that you can wear to make yourself more visable. Brooks and Nathan's has one but you can also buy the construction vests probably a lot cheaper. A head lamp is an awesome thing to have. It works for running, camping, BBQ, plumbing, regular every day use. I even keep one in my car.