Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wire rim iron

The question of this post was inspired by Char, from Brisbane , with her post of the 23th of May. She wrote about her relaxed 12 kilometers run in almost total darkness.
During our training sessions we sometimes run along the route. As you know, car wheels sometimes lose auto spare parts, such as wire rim iron. This is a danger! If a runner didn't see this wire rim iron he'd stumble. In this way some runners fell while they were running along the route. Moreover, the problem with running in darkness is that you can't see a pothole. That's why I don't like to run in almost total darkness.
Maybe I haven't bored you with this short post :) Thanks to everyone for last comments and advices about stretching. I hope you all blogger friends enjoy your runs next weekend!


Char said...

Luckily I've never hit a pothole. I've stumbled on sticks and stones but the road and paths I run on are fairly well maintained.

Anne said...

I haven't tried night running yet...I have a feeling I'd be too tired :)

Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
I have not attempted to run in the dark yet...but if I do I will make sure to have a Gizmo running lamp:)

I hope that you are having a nice week Giorgio!

Christina said...

I will sometimes run at night along a street with lights. I have run on the canal at night with a headlamp but I still get nervous about the unknown on the ground.

Johann said...

I run early morning and in the winter that means darkness. I've tripped and fallen three times over wire and some stones in the road. Can be bad as all the street lights don't always work.

Black Knight said...

I think you wrote this post remembering my fall near that part of the car. If Bruce Springsteen can "dancing in the dark", we the Black Knight Army can "running in the dark". Can't we?