Sunday, June 20, 2010

Workout against the wind

This morning I did the workout with the running group. It was hard because we ran against a strong wind. After we had run 20 minutes warm up we ran 3 x 20 minutes fast with 4 minutes recovery. In the meanwhile Stefano ran a great race around the Montalto's power station where he got a nice loot and improved his time taken.
You can see his race report:
On the soccer world cup front, this afternoon the meeting between world champions Italy and Oceanian outsiders New Zealand starts at 04:00 p.m. in Nelspruit, South Africa. Never underestimate opponents: look at Spain vs Switzerland!

Have a nice Sunday!


Amy said...

Good luck to your team this afternoon - I am sure someone in our house will be watching!

Black Knight said...

Thank for the link. Keep on training for the next race, as promised I will join your platoon. And now ... come on Italy!
Yesterday we lost the rugby match against SA, what a pity!

Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
I always struggle with running against the wind. It does make us stronger:) Nice job on your run!

I have been following the games in SA too:) We watched a little yesterday in the hotel after my race.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

martin briars said...

hi it's great to do the "fractionné" rune - they are hard, but so rewarding ! I do this in the forest rather than on the track, which i really dislike (especially in the summer, when the heat of the track makes it difficult to breathe!!).
I'm lucky to have a 50m outside pool, a 6 lane 400m track opposite where i live, plus all the forest within 15 minutes run....
Italy were finally surprised by New Zealand!! ENgland and France (my two countries) are having an awful time - footballers are paid too much to do too little !!

I love how Argentina play ! Uruguay look good too !

all the best

Char said...

A one-all draw with The New Zealanders. Those Kiwis are playing out of their skins. And in the meanwhile I'm not feeling so kindly towards one Italian referee. Another red card for us and only a yellow card for Ghana for a coming-from-behind tackle that was studs-up.

Johann said...

The wind is one thing I don’t like at all when running. Well done for toughing it out. Italy not on their game yet, but I’m sure next game will be better.

Sherri said...

Wind is always tough!