Thursday, June 24, 2010

Italian soccer team needs to win

I began this week with 50 minutes relaxed run on Monday and yesterday I ran 1 hour and 10 minutes and the average pace was 4.50 min./km. I think it was a nice training session. I ran both training session around the Southern side of the town. On Friday I'm doing a workout which would improve speed and I've planned a long run during next weekend. This week I'm not running a race. The 3rd of July I'll run the Bolsena's 10 km race where I could run along a nice track next to the Bolsena's lake. I ran it three years ago.
In the picture below you can see my daughters with their friends. The Italian flag had been painted on their faces. Today the soccer macth Italy - Slovakia starts at 04:00 p.m. and Italian team needs to win.
We’re not thinking about elimination and we have to think positively. The only result that interests us is victory. Of course, if our soccer team didn't win Italy wouldn't go through to the second round in the World Cup.
My daughters' friends
I hope all you have nice training sessions.


martin briars said...

viva italia!!
Italy always do well after a slow start... and now with Fabio Capello as coach, England are doing the same !!!! This is just like marathon running - timing - begin slow and steady, to finish strong !

all the best


Johann said...

Good luck to Italy! I'm sure they'll do it.

Amy said...

Good luck to Italia - hope they make it through to the second round!!!

Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
I am sending good luck and well wishes to your Italian soccer team!! They are going to do great...I have a good feeling about this one:)

Lovely pictures of the beautiful Italian girls:) I am loving the face painting!

Giorgio said...

Thanks to Amy, Martin, Johann and Julie for their encouragement about Italian soccer team! But Slovakia held on for a dramatic 3-2victory over Italy that sent them into the second round of the Fifa World cup. Eliminate Italy :(

Char said...

Sorry about the loss. Nothing seems to be very predictable at this world cup. And it's such a pity that we have to wait four more years till the next one.

Amy said...

Oh no! So bummed your team didn't win...I'm sure your daughter and her friends were disappointed.

Black Knight said...

Better to not comment about Italy that got the right punishment. Now we wait for Italrugby vs SA on saturday. Bolsena is on the corner and another runner aims to join our gloriuos Army.