Sunday, June 27, 2010

7 km up hill and 7 km down hill

This is a hot and beautiful Sunday and this morning we did a hard long run on the hill behind the town. I met two friends of the running group at 07:30 a.m. near the Oliveto's Park and after the warm up we ran 14 km. Of course, we ran 7 km up hill and 7 km down hill and we didn't run fast along the second 7 km down hill. Although the average pace was about 6 mins/km the training was interesting. The time taken was 1 hour and 24 minutes and we ran slow up hill because it was hard. But we ran slow the down hill too because we always think that down hills might be dangerous. For example, running fast down hills might be dangerous for knees. But it was a good training session. Moreover, the night before that hard long run I had had pizza with some friends of the running group. Carbohydrates guaranteed!

As you know, the Italian soccer team didn't go through the second round of the FIFA World Cup. Italy lost 3-2 against Slovakia the last match of Pool F of South Africa 2010 World Cup and is thus dramatically, eliminated :( A blogger friend from France, Martin Briars, wrote that footballers are paid too much to do too little. I absolutely agree with this!
Now I hope that the final match of the 2010 FIFA World Cup will be between Argentina and Netherlands. Today an interesting match between Germany and England starts at 04:00 p.m.
I think Germany is stronger than England and has a young team. So German national football team will be the winner in this match ... but I also support England team with an Italian coach and it will be dilemma for me. Good luck to both teams :)


martin briars said...

Hey Giorgio !
It is also Adios Angleterre from the World Cup ! Well done Germany - a very impressive, fast, lively team display ! England players have too much money in their pockets - it makes them run soooooooooo slooooooooooowww.....

This weather is wonderful for sport ! and Pizza !!
Bon appetit, bonne soirée !

Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
Nice work on your hilly run! I like to run my hill workouts a little slower too! They are great for conditioning...I have learned not to get to crazy with speed because my heartrate goes up big time!

Sorry about the Italy team's loss:( It has been so fun to read all of the blogs who like to share information on all of the teams:) Enjoy watching the next game! Have a wonderful day Giorgio!

Char said...

Running hills is so tough. But it's really good for your strength.

Black Knight said...

Yesterday was too hot to run faster and I imagine that your route was S.Gordiano, Villaggio etc. Please let me know the details about the race of Saturday.
L'Italia? In fondo in fondo mica mi è dispiaciuto poi tanto considerata l'arroganza di Lippi.

Johann said...

Hi Giorgio! so both our teams had sad world cups... England beaten as well. I support Netherlands also.

I find downhills ok for my knees but protect my quads always.

Have a great week! Here in SA the party continues!

Rad Runner said...

Wow Hill run! They are killers but make you feel amazing! Great job!

Sherri said...

Great hill workout! I really need to get some hill running in!