Saturday, July 31, 2010


As suggested by Martin, I ran on the quays along the Seine. It's a nice place to run and last thursday at 07:00 a.m. I saw a lot of people who were running next to that beautiful river.
We stayed five days in Paris and while we were walking on the night through the square of Notre-Dame we met a nice pair from San Francisco (California). They were very kind and took a photo which you can see here below.
The weather was beautiful and sunny. Visiting the Louvre Museum takes on overage 1 day! I suggest you should buy tickets the day before. After we had visited Notre-Dame, which is the symbol of medieval Paris, we walked up 400 steps to the top of the South tower of the Cathedral. 46 metres above the ground and from there we saw the whole of Paris and a lovely view over the river Seine and its bridges.

During the last two days we went to the left bank of the river Seine where we visited the oldest houses in the latin distict and Saint Germain de pres. There is a very useful river boat shuttle service along the Seine.
Unfortunately, after we had come back from Paris I and my wife didn't find a part of the luggage. The biggest of our three suitcases wasn't in the Rome airport. We were really disappointed with this and "Air France customers assistance" here in Rome said that they will send us the luggage as soon as it arrives from Paris.

Tomorrow we are going to Gaeta, in South Italy.
Have a nice summer!


Anne said...

Sounds like you had a beautiful trip...too bad about the luggage, hope they get it to you soon.

Char said...

Paris was just so wonderful that your luggage wanted to stay. Looks like you had an amazing time.

Black Knight said...

It sounds like a very good trip. Nice pics, I like the gargoyle on Notre Dame. And now enjoy the beaches. I will leave on friday for a week. See you soon.

Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
I am so thrilled that you had such a lovely trip to Paris with your family! Thanks for sharing all of the wonderful pictures. You have such a beautiful family:)

Hopefully the luggage will arrive soon. Enjoy your time at the beach too! Take care Giorgio!

Fran said...

Beautiful pictures, you have a lovely family.

That must have been fun running in Paris. I like to run when I'm on vacation because you see the places you stay with different eyes when you are running.

Have fun on your next vacation.

Alexandra said...

I love that photo of the gargoyle! We have them in the mountains here.

What a great vacation!

martin briars said...

i'm glad you found a place to run - along the Seine is fantastic ! Imagine swimming in this river ? ha ha come back in July 2011 for the triathlon !!
AIr France is commonly referred to as Air Chance here - especially concerning luggage... losing it is something i fear when i travel - especially for triathlon and with a bike !
best wishes

Amy said...

Too bad about the luggage but I am so glad you had a good trip otherwise. And how cool you did end up going to the restaurant we went to! Love the picture of you with your family.

Sherri said...

I am so sorry about your luggage...that has happened to me more than once! Sounds like a great trip though!

Johann said...

You had a great time in Paris. Thanks for sharing the photos. I don't know if I will ever get to Paris, but I can dream... Hope the luggage is sorted out.

I'm thinking about trying some NB for the road as well when I buy road shoes next time.

Christina said...

Hope your luggage shows up and I hope your running shoes weren't in the missing suitcase!

I love the nighttime picture of Notre Dame. When I went to Paris I ran by Notre Dame but never went inside.

Ewa said...

Just found your blog. We went to Paris in July. I am in love with this city. I was bummed out I could not run there though because of injury. It was great to see so many runners in parks though.