Monday, August 16, 2010

It's vacation time again

Hi blogger friends! I am happy to report that I have been on holiday until now and the vacation in South Italy has been AWESOME. In the first photo above you can see my daughters' rabbit.
After we had gone to Paris my family and I left for another summer vacation and I had not computer and internet use. The last week of July which we spent in France was beautiful but it's a real pity that my daughters' suitcase went lost. Air France haven't found it yet and I'll ask them to pay damages estimated at € 15 per kilo, considering that our lost luggage weighed 14 kilos.
South Italy's beaches were nice, the sea wasn't polluted and the weather was sunny and beautiful. Perfect! When we arrived we saw a burnt hill and it was a big damage. Unfortunately, a lot of olive trees had been destroyed! The photo above shows the burnt hill.
During the vacations I ate different meals. French cakes were very good: in Paris we had "pain au raisin" and "tartre aux pommes" at breakfast and in South Italy we had almond cake (you can see it in the photo below). Moreover, in August there're a lot of figs in South Italy and they gave a big contribution to my weight :)... as a consequence I have to lose weight now. At least 2 kilos! But this isn't a problem. Next week I'll begin a running plan and the 29th of August I and Stefano are running a short 6 km race. We'll run it as training.
I have just read that a lot of running friends of our blogger community are on vacation again. I hope all you enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer!


Amy said...

I can't believe they never found the suitcase! But at least you didn't let that ruin the rest of your summer vacation...sounds like you had a nice time.

Fran said...

That's a bummer that the suitcase never returned.

Seems to me you're having a great vacation. Mine is over for over 5 weeks now and the weather hasn't been that good here either so it almost looks like Autumn already.

Lucky for me I'm an Autumn, Winter and Spring girl. Definitely not a Summer girl so to be honest: I'm not sad Summer is over here.

Johann said...

Welcome back Giorgio! I’m glad you had such a wonderful vacation! (except for the suitcase) Now you have to lose weight…always after a good vacation… Luckily nature is so wonderful and I’m always amazed how it can heal after a fire. Good luck with the 6k!

Black Knight said...

Welcome back even if with a luggage less! Now it's time to run again and Ladispoli will be the first step. Anyway Sir Gianni has a bad injury (stiramento) because that "chicken" went to play beach soccer.

Char said...

Mmmm cake. Mmmm figs. I envy you the food but not the weight loss. Maybe the airline should pay you extra for the weight you put on - that would be real compensation.

Sherri said...

That is so sad that they never found the baggage!
I love summer and vacations...sounds like you have had the best of both! =)

Anne said...

Another great vacation...except for the lost suitcase! I can't believe they never found strange.

Julie said...

Great pictures Giorgio! Sorry about the luggage...I have also gone through the whole missing luggage thing:( Good luck with your upcoming races!