Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hilly training

Last week we planned a long run along the coast (path flat). So yesterday I met the running group at Oliveto's Park at 06:30 p.m. and began the training. But after we had done the warm up we suddenly decided to run our long run through the hills behind the town. Although it was hot there were a lot of trees along the wonderful hilly paths. We ran 1 hour and 25 minutes and I didn't run fast down hill. I decided to be careful.

An old fountain, which we found on the top of the higher hill, helped us. It was built in the natural reserve about 40 years ago because wild cows and donkeys live there. You can see the fountain in the photo below posted. The landscape was beautiful and the paths of that natural reserve weren't dangerous. Once again, running gave me a nice picture of the environment.

This week began with the hilly and hard training above mentioned and, as a consequence, today I didn't swim and didn't go to the beach. I was tired. During this week If I have time I'll go to the ancient roman thermal baths where there's the hot sulphur water. Stefano showed on his blog a photo of this interesting place http://cavnero.blogspot.com/

I hope everyone will have a nice training.


Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
Wow, you did have a pretty good hilly workout...1:25 minutes worth of hills! I would of been tired too:) Nice work! I hope that you enjoy the thermal roman baths and that it helps you to relax. Take care Giorgio!

Anne said...

Great workout!! Those are such beautiful areas that you get to run in...love the pics. Enjoy the thermal baths :)

Black Knight said...

Thanks for the mention. I know that path near the river and under the trees: macchia dell'infernaccia. Wonderful landscape and soft ground. Enjoy "La Ficoncella".

Johann said...

Wonderful run in such wonderful surroundings. That looks like a lovely trail. Wise choice to be careful on the downs.

Fran said...

Beautiful Giorgio! Where I live it's so flat and boring. I have no woods near by to run in. We do have a lake but I hardly ever run there because of the bugs. Oh well, always something to complain right?

Hope you feel rested today so you can get some exercise in.

Have a nice day.

Christina said...

ancient roman thermal baths sounds wonderful.

Amy said...

What a beautiful place to run! Can you drink the water from that fountain? I thought it was wonderful in Torino that there were so many little public fountains everywhere - great to cool off!