Friday, July 09, 2010

Swimming on the sea

This week I ran three times and I swam once. Yesterday I swam on the sea 20 minutes at 06:00 p.m. after working. The water wasn't polluted and the beach was wonderful. Perfect! Next Sunday I'll swim again on the sea and next week I'll do a long run training. Of course, I always choose a different route on long run. If our training is stimulating we'll enjoy it. What I'm trying to say is that we don't need to run the same 16 km on the same course at the same time of day as always. In other words, we could refresh our enthusiasm and we would have to change the distance, the speed, the route, the landscape and the hills. Moreover, new hilly paths make us stronger :)
In the pictures I show the beach which is situated in the Southern part of the town. In the photo below I'm on the right and the skin of my friend is more tanned because he is on holiday :)

I hope that all you blogger friends will have a nice running and swimming weekend!


Char said...

I totally agree with you Giorgio - you have to change it up to stop your exercise routine from becoming stale. I've changed up my routine by NOT exercising this week and I'm really ready to go again. Enjoy your beautiful Summer.

Johann said...

I love new and different routes although I like to measure my fitness over the same long routes sometimes. I also like doing long races as slow long training runs. Enjoy the sea swimming!
Go Netherlands! It should be a good match.

Fran said...

I agree, I try to find new routes for my long runs everytime too. The only thing is that I'm limited in that because of where I live. Hard to explain but it is.

Must have been very nice to be swimming in the sea.

Black Knight said...

I see Marangone beach and that is part of Giro d'Emilio (Emilio's route). Does a bell ring?

Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
Great picture of you next to the sea! Nice work on your runs and swim:) I like to switch my running routes up too! It makes it fun and interesting to see new paths and scenery:)

I hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

martin briars said...

exactly why i've gone from road running to trail running and now to triathlon ! variation.
Tri is fantastic - if you're swimming, maybe you should now have a bike too?? where you train just looks fantastic !
We are so happy that Spain are World champions !!

best wishes

Sherri said...

I sprained my ankle and it has forced me to get in the pool and on the bike...I am so glad now. I needed some change!