Sunday, July 18, 2010


In this half of the world that is North of equator it's summer time now. This means biking, riding, beach and swimming. Of course , swimming on the sea. Although I'm not running a race in July and August I wouldn't want to lose my speed. So I'll do only one quality workout per week and in the same week two days of easy work. Moreover I'll sometimes run a long run.
Now I feel that I have to maintain my desire to run. In this perspective I go swimming once or twice a week. I think that if our running isn't fun, we have to make same changes. For example, run fewer days (during this summer I'll do it), try trail running or join a running group. We always need to find motivation which is a powerful force that can help us enjoy our running more. Motivation is more than a feeling. It's important that we'll feel better after a run than before it.
I hope you'll enjoy the rest of this weekend.


Black Knight said...

Welcome to the cross-training world. I think that the motivation is the base to maintain the shape during the hot summer months. I have an idea for the running group: what about a workout through the Macchia dell'Infernaccia (and part of Giro D'Emilio) with the start from the Coop parking? Please let me know.

Fran said...

Good post Giorgio!

On hot days it's hard to find motivation. I get up at 5.15 am those days and go for my run. I'm not a hot weather girl.

We don't have the temperatures you are having in Italy although we've had a heat wave the past few weeks. When I'm in Italy I can deal much better with the heat because in Holland we have a lot of humidity on hot days.

I do find it hard to do my long runs during Summer so going to try something new next weekend because it's more mental than psychical why I find it hard. Going to try run-walk-run on my long run.

Char said...

It's so true. Sometimes motivation is the hardest thing to find - especially in the heat. My running group is my biggest motivator.

Johann said...

I’m sure swimming and biking can both be great motivators. I often use my long term goals to motivate me as well. Enjoy swimming in the sea!

Anne said...

Sounds like a great plan Giorgio :)
Stay motivated and enjoy your summer at the same time!

Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
It sounds like you have it all figured out. I agree, you need to do what makes you feel good. If swimming and biking are doing that for you...have at it:) SOmetimes it is hard to stay focused in the summer but I know you can do it:) Enjoy your week Giorgio!

martin briars said...

Hey Giorgio
you've got to do a triathlon now !!!
Paris in July was fantastic, Barcelona in October.... is there a triathlon in Rome or near ???

i'd love to come to Italia for sport !!

best wishes