Thursday, April 01, 2010

Wild asparagus

Thanks all blog's friends for the happy birthday wishes! Yesterday I wore the new running clothes which my family gave me for my birthday. After I had run 2 km warm up I ran 14 km throught the countryside in the Southern surrondings of the town. In that sunny afternoon the average pace was 05:14 min/km. Our running team wasn't there and I ran with a friend of mine this relaxing training.
There were some wild donkeys along the track. They live in this special patche of Mediterranean forest and this environment may become a small protected area near the town. While we were running we saw a lot of wild asparagus near the path. Today I've sought them and maybe we'll prepare the Asparagus salad with potatoes this evening.

Now I have to help my family to prepare the pastry of Easter. Its name is "Pastiera" and it has to be cooked with some days advance. This pastry takes time to prepare and requires presoaked grain. I'm going to buy its exotic ingredients such as cinnamon and vanilla extract. This is my contribution.

In the first photo above posted you can see the new running clothes. The other two photos show you the wild asparagus and the protected wild donkeys.


Julie said...

Hi Giorgio,
Looking gooe in your new running outfit:) The wild asparagus looks pretty darn good...does it taste that much different than the garden variety? Also, great shots of the donkeys:)

I hope that you have a fantastic day!

Anne said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing :)
The running outfit is very cool and the asparagus looks delicious.

Amy said...

How cool that you can pick wild asparagus along your running route! I bet it has a wonderful taste. How do you prepare it?

Alexandra said...

Very nice photos! You have such interesting trails to run along.

Johann said...

You certainly have great places to run. Have a wonderful Easter.

Sherri said...

Okay...this is so super cool! I am so glad I found your blog! Donkeys and asparagus...What could be better? Have a great EAster!